Fall 2005

ugolino   Sacra Imago:
   Devotional Art of the Middle Ages

    Opened August 23, 2005

    Curator: Erin K. Donovan

    In the European late Middle Ages, objects were created
    to aid in devotional prayer and meditation both in
    church and domestic settings. This gallery installation
    featured devotional art from Krannert Art Museum's
    permanent collection with loans from other institutions.

    Image credit: Ugolino de Nerio, St. Catherine of Alexandria, ca. 1295–1339, tempera on panel, Gift of Ellnora E. Krannert


Exhibition programming

January 8, 2006
1 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by exhibition curator Erin Donovan

design   Design Excellence Collection
    August 23 through October 2, 2005

    Guest curator: Deana McDonagh

    From the moment we awaken to the moment we fall
    asleep, we interact with products that are functional,
    symbolic, and decorative, each with the potential to
    shape our daily experiences. For products to succeed
    in the marketplace the emotional needs and desires of
    consumers become paramount—the products we
    surround ourselves with should delight and intrigue,
    making even the most mundane activity enjoyable.
    This exhibition profiled excellence in industrial design and featured mainstream products such as chairs, water kettles, and pet food that offer consumers more than mere functionality.

Image credit: Installtion view, 2005

Exhibition programming

September 7
12 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by exhibition curator Deana McDonagh

School of Art + Design Faculty Art Exhibition
September 9 through October 2, 2005

An annual celebration of the creativity of our talented colleagues in the School of
Art + Design, the Faculty exhibition highlights the individual achievements and reputations of faculty members and collectively confirms the national and international reputation of the School. This year, for the first time, the exhibition offers a comprehensive view of the School through the participation of scholars, researchers, and designers whose works are not typically displayed in a gallery setting.

Exhibition programming

September 11
1 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by Tim van Laar, professor of Painting

Faculty Talks: 12 pm
September 21: Rosalyn Schwartz
September 28: Billie Theide

altars   Altars for the Dead, Vows of the Living (Altares para los muertos, votos de los vivos)
    October 1 through December 31, 2005

    Guest curators: Bernard Cesarone and Maria Silva

    This exhibition paired 19th and 20th century devotional ex-voto and retablo paintings from Mexico with con- temporary Day of the Dead altars.

    Altares para los muertos, votos de los vivos combina
    pinturas piadosas de los siglos 19 y 20 con altares
    contemporaneous del Dia de los Muertos.

Image credit: Alma de Maria/Soul of Mary, late 19th century, oil paint on tin, tin frame with reverse-painted glass, Private Collection

Exhibition programming

October 9
1 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by exhibition curators Bernard Cesarone and Maria Silva

October 30
2–4 pm: Community Altar Installation
The completion of an altar created with the local Mexican community, featuring Ritmo y Sabor, directed by Eliana Manero

balance   Balance and Power: Performance and Surveillance in Video Art
    October 22 through December 31, 2005
    Opened October 10 at Thomas M. Siebel Center
    for Computer Science

    Guest curator: Michael Rush

We're living at a time when security alerts, surveillance cameras, and Reality TV are blurring the boundaries between voluntary and involuntary acting for the camera. Even from the earliest days of video art, artists have negotiated the question of when performance becomes surveillance and vice versa. This exhibition examined both the early days of video art and current practices in an attempt to understand the complex relationship between performance, surveillance, and power.

Artists in the exhibition included: Vito Acconci, Antenna, Sophie Calle and Gregory Shephard, Jim Campbell, Peter Campus, Jordan Crandall, Shelley Eshkar and Paul Kaiser, Harun Farocki, Subodh Gupta, Kevin Hamilton, Tiffany Holmes, Tim Hyde, Kristin Lucas, Jill Magid, Steve Mann, Jenny Marketou, Jonas Mekas, Muntadas and Marshall Reese, Bruce Nauman, Martha Rosler, Julia Scher, and Kiki Seror

Exhibition sponsored in part by Donald & Alice Dodds; Fox Development Corporation, A.G. Edwards & Sons, Inc.; Hickory Point Bank & Trust; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle Fund; Frances P. Rohlen Visiting Artists Fund/College of Fine and Applied Art; and in-kind support provided by Hampton Inn. Image credit: Jordan Crandall, Homefront, 2005, video still © Jordan Crandall

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Exhibition programming

November 10
7:30 pm: Gallery Conversation
With curator Michael Rush and Tim Murray, director of Graduate Studies in Film and Video, Cornell University

November 13
1 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by Kevin Hamilton, professor of New Media

   Eye, Form, Symbol: The Jon and Judith Liebman Collection of Contemporary Sculpture in Glass

    October 22 through December 31, 2005

    Curator: Michael Conner

Glass as a sculptural medium has an impressive range of creative potential. Eye, Form, Symbol, an exhibition drawn from Jon and Judith Liebman's extensive collection of contemporary sculpture in glass, features pieces that attract the eye with radiant surfaces or jewel-like appeal; emphasize bold sculptural forms with worked surfaces, brilliant color, and unions with solid materials; and captivate the imagination with symbolic meaning. This exhibition profiled more than thirty internationally renowned glass artists. Their techniques for handling this ancient medium result in contemporary sculptures of unprecedented brilliance and tremendous breadth of artistic expression.

Exhibition supported in part by the Art Alliance for Contemporary Glass. Image credit: Ann Wolff, Femme, 1999, kiln cast glass

Exhibition programming

December 11
1 pm: Second Sunday Gallery Tour
Guided tour of the exhibition led by collectors Jon and Judith Liebman

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