Spring 2007

ai weiwei  Branded and On Display
    January 26 through April 1, 2007

Guest Curators: Ginger Gregg Duggan and Judith Hoos Fox

Ours is a culture defined by marketing and acquiring. With one of our founding fathers—Thomas Jefferson—a compulsive shopper, this just may be part of being American. Virtually every activity in our lives is experienced through purchases, from bassinets to caskets. The landscape is studded with logos, brand names, and billboards—inducements to participate in a culture defined by the acquisition of commodities. Branded and On Display examined the work of artists who explore specific strategies of branding and presentation in their responses to this pervasively marketed environment. Representing a range of media-sculpture, video, installation, sound, painting, and photography, the works are compelling and provocative, nudging us to "re-view" our culture with an appraising eye.

Exhibition sponsored in part by the Office of the Chancellor, Office of the Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, Fox Development Corporation, Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle Fund, and Hampton Inn. Image credit: Ai Weiwei, Neolithic Culture Pot with Coca-Cola Logo, 1992, neolithic pot with acrylic paint © Ai Weiwei

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Exhibition programming

February 1
3 pm: Contemporary Photography Panel Discussion
With exhibiting artist Brian Ulrich. Co-sponsored by Krannert Art Museum and IPRH

February 15
6 pm: Artist Talk
"Color on Branding: The Work of Louis Cameron," a talk by exhibiting artist Louis Cameron. Sponsored by the Lorado Taft Lecureship on Art Fund/College of Fine and Applied Arts

March 1
5:30 pm: Gallery Conversation
With exhibition co-curator Judith Hoos Fox

March 8
5:30 pm: Gallery Conversation
With U of I exhibiting artists Conrad Bakker and Laurie Hogin

March 29
7 pm: Student Exhibition Opening and Awards Ceremony
Student Industrial Design and Advertising Competition. Krannert Art Museum invited art, design, business, and advertising students to creatively respond to the exhibition, Branded and On Display, by conceiving of innovative products and generating coordinating advertising campaigns. Awards were Most Effective Product Design and Most Effective Advertising Campaign. Co-sponsored by Krannert Art Museum and the College of Business-Marketing

Commerce and Consumption:
Works from the Permanent Collection

January 26 through May 13, 2007

Images of commerce, consumption, and branding have appeared throughout the history of art. Photographic works from the museum's permanent collection that are defined by such marketing and advertising actions were selected for this exhibition, an accompaniment to Branded and On Display

history of new  A History of New
    February 8 through July 29, 2007

In the timeline of "creating," Virtual Reality technology is relatively new. A History of New explored what happens when a new technology is co-opted and subverted into a tool, supporting system, or display medium for artists. University students and museum visitors were invited to help build a graphically-rich timeline of technological and scientific innovations and the resulting reactions and responses to these innovations. The timeline was displayed on the wall of the CANVAS Gallery and within the CANVAS itself. Visitors were able to add to the timeline online.

Exhibition programming

February 8
7–8 pm: Gallery Conversation
With Michael Rush, director of the Rose Art Museum

Petals and Paintings
April 13 through April 15, 2007

Guest Curator: Rick Orr, member of the American Institute of Floral Designers

Innovative floral arrangements inspired by works from the museum's permanent collection were created by award winning floral designers for this outstanding annual exhibition.

School of Art + Design Master of Fine Arts Exhibition
April 18 through April 29, 2007

This annual exhibition represents the culmination of intense artistic development for graduate students in photography, industrial design, sculpture, painting, narrative media, metals, ceramics, and graphic design. Comprised of uniquely varied works, the exhibition forms a visual map that deconstructs, reconstructs, and recontextualizes the perceived environment.

secrets  Secrets Revealed =
  Secrets Shared

    April 18 through July 29, 2007
This exhibition was inspired by Frank  Warren's website www.postsecret.com, and a  book of secrets that was already published.
    Students were encouraged to submit postcards with their secrets in image and text form on one side of the postcard and to pass the word onto friends, family, and community members. The submitted postcards were displayed in the museum for this student-initiated and coordinated exhibition.

An Architect Collects: Robert D. Kleinschmidt and
A Lifetime of Fine Arts Acquisitions

April 20 through July 29, 2007

Robert D. Kleinschmidt is a Chicago-based architect whose professional beliefs seem to have continually influenced his collection of art. Throughout his schooling and career, Kleinschmidt has explored the integration of landscape and architecture, space, light, minimalism, and cutting-edge modernism. All of these ideas are represented in his impressive collection of modern and contemporary art.

This exhibition and accompanying catalogue highlighted Kleinschmidt's collection that is displayed in his Mies van der Rohe-designed apartment on North Lake Shore Drive in Chicago. The collection includes works by Joseph Albers, Harry Bertoia, Alberto Giacometti, Diego Giacometti, Jasper Johns, Sam Francis, Helen Frankenthaler, Sol LeWitt, Frank Stella, Laszlo Moholy-Nagy, Robert Motherwell, Mark Tobey, Ulfert Wilke, Louise Fishman, and Brice Marden. Each year, Kleinschmidt generously donates key works from his collection to Krannert Art Museum to expand and enhance the museum's permanent collection.

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School of Art + Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition
May 5 through May 13, 2007

The works of over one hundred BFA graduates in this third annual exhibition displayed a broad range of art and design studio practices that illustrated new and established technologies in material and virtual realms. Participating students specialized in crafts, graphic design, industrial design, painting, sculpture, and photography.

New Acquisitions
May 25 through July 29, 2007

Krannert Art Museum benefits greatly from the generosity of those who donate and fund purchases of works of art. At the time of this exhibition, the museum's collection numbered 9,000 objects—1,000 more than when this statistic had been previously published.

Recent acquisitions included: American paintings by Robert Indiana, Hedda Sterne, Annette Lemieux, and Richard Pettibone, and works on paper by Andrew Wyeth, Margaret Patterson, Leonard Baskin, and Christine Hiebert; European paintings by Jacques Stella, a follower of Poussin, and the Flemish seventeenth-century genre painter, David Teniers; and a drawing by one of the most important female artists in the history of art, Angelica Kauffmann. In addition, our holdings of African art were increased significantly with gifts of powerful sculptures from Gabon and the Democratic Republic of Congo, contemporary paintings from Ethiopia, and a large number of earthenware pots from across the continent, along with works by three exciting contemporary Chinese artists—Ai Weiwei, Huang Yan, and Bai Guanghau.

This exhibition celebrated these new works and KAM’s generous donors.