Fall 2011

At Fifty: Krannert Art Museum, 1961–2011
August 26 through December 30, 2011

Guest Curator: Michael Rush

GustonAt Fifty marked Krannert Art Museum's 50th Anniversary with an exhibition that celebrates the extraordinary range of KAM's collection. In a unique, interactive architectural space, sculpture, painting, video, photography, decorative objects, and drawings co-mingle. Objects from ancient Greece and Latin America were in dialogue with nineteenth century European paintings and twentieth century video; realism sat astride abstraction; photography and drawings illustrated how artists have represented humanity for more than a century. The galleries featured rotating walls and looping videos that created a dynamic synergy among works from different historical periods. Removing traditional hierarchies allowed the works to speak to each other and to viewers across time. A selection of artists included: John Singleton Copley, Gustave Courbet, Walker Evans, Jasper Johns, Isoda Koryusai, Barbara Kruger, Edouard Manet, Mark Rothko, Ed Ruscha, Andy Warhol, Carrie Mae Weems, Edward Weston, and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Sponsored by Fox Development Corporation and Peter and Joan Hood; Image credit: Philip Guston, Combat II, ca. 1978, Oil on canvas, Estate of Musa Guston 1992-2-2 © Estate of Philip Guston

Exhibition Programming

August 25
5–6 pm: Private Reception for Museum Members
6–7 pm: Public Opening Reception (museum open until 9 pm)
Featuring a gallery conversation with Michael Rush, guest curator of At Fifty, at 6 pm followed by a music and dance performance by Dorothy Martirano, Armand Beaudoin, Kirstie Simson, and guest

August 26 through December 30, 2011

Curator: Tumelo Mosaka


This exhibition consisted of a collection of recordings by South African singer Miriam Makeba together with artifacts from the history of South African music. Miriam Makeba, also known as Mama Africa, popularized African music around the world, appearing with such stars as Harry Belafonte, Dizzy Gillespie, Paul Simon, and Nina Simone. Her musical style fused American Jazz with African sounds long before the phrase "world music" was coined.

The exhibition, part of a larger body of work by Siemon Allen called RECORDS (the third of his collection projects titled Imaging South Africa), explored the global movements of Makeba's music and image through the display of record covers and artifacts. Allen charted each collected item's travel history from the place of its original recording to the place where he acquired it. Plotting such a journey results in a complex network of exchanges that maps the political landscape of South Africa under apartheid.

Sponsored by Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle; and Krannert Art Museum Council. Image credit: Siemon Allen, Makeba!, 2009, Installation view at the Anderson Gallery, Richmond, Virginia; Photo: Terry Brown © Siemon Allen

Recent Acquisitions, 2006–2011
August 26 through October 23, 2011

Curator: Kathryn Koca Polite

campagnolaLast spring Krannert Art Museum
began its 50th Anniversary celebration
with the exhibition Building a Modern
Collection: A Look Back
, which high-
lighted the early beginnings of KAM's
permanent collection with works
acquired through the legendary
Contemporary American Painting and
Sculpture (CAPS) exhibition series.
Continuing in the CAPS tradition of
actively acquiring works, Recent
Acquisitions, 2006–2011
a small selection of 350 works that
have been given to or purchased by
the museum over the last five years.

Major strengths of the museum's permanent collection, such as mid- to late-twentieth century photographs and other works on paper, are bolstered by the new acquisitions of photographs by M.I.T. professor Harold Edgerton, the iconic Andy Warhol, and U of I alumnus William Wegman and works on paper by the major modern artists Salvador Dalí, Joan Miró, Irene Rice Pereira, Pablo Picasso, David Smith, and Andrew Wyeth. KAM also supplements other areas of the collection with the addition of an engraving by the Italian Renaissance artist Domenico Campagnola and lithographs by the nineteenth century French Romanticist Théodore Géricault. These and the other works of art included in Recent Acquisitions not only celebrate the museum's collection but also the generosity of so many who believe in the mission of Krannert Art Museum.

Sponsored by Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle; and Krannert Art Museum Council. Image credit: Domenico Campagnola, Battle of Naked Men, 1517, Engraving,Gift of Iver M. Nelson Jr., in memory of Bernice Postel 2010-5-1

Jerusalem Saved! Inness and the Spiritual Landscape
August 26, 2011 through May 13, 2012

Curator: Robert G. La France


In 1880, a collapsing roof damaged a monumental painting entitled The New Jerusalem by American painter George Inness. The artist recovered the mutilated masterpiece from the rubble and cut its remnants into separate paintings that now belong to different museums. Krannert Art Museum exhibited its fragment, Evening Landscape, reunited with two counterparts from the Walters Art Museum in Baltimore, A Visionary Landscape and The Valley of the Olives, to recompose The New Jerusalem once again.

This exhibition shared the story of the rediscovery, conservation, and reconstruction of the painting by art historian Michael Quick and conservator Eric Gordon. It also introduced the contributions of scholars Sally Promey and former University of Illinois professor Rachael Z. DeLue to the interpretation of the painting's spiritual and scientific content.

Sponsored by Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle; and Krannert Art Museum Council. Image credit: George Inness, The New Jerusalem, 1867–80, Oil on canvas, Reconstruction from three fragments: The Valley of Olives and Visionary Landscape, The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, Maryland and Evening Landscape, Krannert Art Museum, Urbana-Champaign, Photo © The Walters Art Museum, Baltimore

School of Art + Design Faculty Exhibition
November 11 through December 30, 2011


The annual exhibition highlighted new work produced by the School of Art + Design faculty, ranging from paintings and sculpture to graphic design and new media. This show provided the community with an opportunity to view work by the school's world-class artists and designers and to explore the collaborative relationship between the School of Art + Design and Krannert Art Museum.

Sponsored by Illinois Arts Council, a State Agency; Krannert Art Museum Director's Circle; and Krannert Art Museum Council. Image credit: Installation view, 2011

high school2011 Area High School
Art Exhibition

December 6, 2011 through January 8, 2012

The School of Art + Design and Krannert Art
Museum with the University of Illinois at
Urbana-Champaign will be hosting the
second annual art exhibition for area high
school art students in the Link Gallery. This
exhibition will be an opportunity for art students
in area high schools to present their work to the