Art Remastered from Home: Ausar (video)

Art Remastered from Home is a video series organized by Kamila Glowacki that features home performances of original songs inspired by artworks at Krannert Art Museum.

In 2019, Ausar participated in a live music event at Krannert Art Museum called Art Remastered, performing his original song titled "Bathsheba". Six local musicians were invited to find an artwork at KAM that inspired them, write a song in response, and perform it in the galleries.

Art Remastered from Home asks previous participants of Art Remastered to revisit their original song and share a performance of it from home. With this video series, we hope you engage with the artwork at KAM through the fresh perspective of musicians connected to Urbana-Champaign.


Ausar has also created a playlist of songs that connect to the artwork that inspired him:


Ausar’s Inspiration Artwork

Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem

The Choice Between Young and Old

17th century

Oil on canvas


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