BFA 2020: Aspen Tng


Illustration of a laptop computer sits on a raised stand with spaces for cords and images of two screens; one on the laptop itself and one possibly projected on a wall.
Aspen Tng, CAD rendering of laptop, stand, and screen, 2019. Courtesy of the designer.


Professional headshot portrait of a young man with dark hair and Asian features, the designer Aspen Tng. He is slightly turned to the side and smiling.
Aspen Tng, 2020. Courtesy of the designer.
Aspen Tng
University of Illinois
BFA Class of 2020

To celebrate graduating seniors in the School of Art + Design Class of 2020, Krannert Art Museum is sharing their work.

Aspen Tng | Industrial Design

Design Statement

I’m an experience designer passionate about designing trust between emerging technologies and humans. 

All software, directly or indirectly, has to be controlled by hardware. My work lies mostly in the space where the digital world intersects with the physical world.

I strive to understand how and why people react to certain technologies and use these insightful explorations to design solutions that bridge that gap and create seamless experiences between the users and the products’ ecosystem.

The end goal is to maximize comfort, reduce skepticism/fear, and increase adoption levels of these technologies through well-designed products.


Design Portfolio