BFA 2020: Estefany Chavez Ruiz


Close up of silver light fixture on a white wall, designed by Estefany Chavez Ruiz. The design is sleek and materials are smooth stainless steel/nickel.
Estefany Chavez Ruiz, Lum, 2019. Study for lighting system. (Full project at Courtesy of the designer.


Photo of a young woman leaning against a wall, facing the camera. She has medium skin and dark wavy hair and is wearing a light blue jacket. She is smiling and has her hands in her pockets.
Estefany Chavez Ruiz, 2020. Courtesy of the artist.
Estefany Chavez Ruiz
University of Illinois
BFA Class of 2020

To celebrate graduating seniors in the School of Art + Design Class of 2020, Krannert Art Museum is sharing their work.

Estefany Chavez Ruiz | Industrial Design

Design Statement

Industrial design for me is the opportunity to create objects that will bring comfort and create joyful experiences to those who use them.

For me developing an interaction of products and services, is based on fulfilling a need in a simple and non-intrusive manner.

Design should be simple and natural for the user. It should blend or be a playful object that deserves to be shown.


Design Portfolio