BFA 2020: Lauren Nicole Bavaro


Painted portrait of a white, heavyset man, just head and shoulders, embellished with gold glitter, sequins, and gem-like adornments to resemble an icon or sacred image. The man's face looks cold and pale.
Lauren Nicole Bavaro, The Family Business, 2019. Courtesy of the artist. © Lauren Nicole Bavaro


Portrait of a woman's face and small dog, arranged vertically like a totem pole. The field surrounding the figures is embellished with gray-silver assorted materials. The resulting effect is to make the painted portions seem ungrounded, like they float.
Lauren Nicole Bavaro, American Beauties, 2019-2020. Courtesy of the artist. © Lauren Nicole Bavaro


Painting of a cluttered indoor scene in which several people are eating spaghetti with their hands. The face of each figure is drawn abstractly with black ink lines, but their surroundings are brightly painted.
Lauren Nicole Bavaro, Spaghetti Western Dinner from the Spaghetti Western Series, 2017-2020. Courtesy of the artist. © Lauren Nicole Bavaro


Color photograph portrait of a smiling woman with medium skin tone and long, dark, wavy hair -- Lauren Nicole Bavaro.
Lauren Nicole Bavaro, School of Art + Design Class of 2020, BFA in Art History.
Lauren Nicole Bavaro
University of Illinois
BFA Class of 2020

To celebrate graduating seniors in the School of Art + Design Class of 2020, Krannert Art Museum is sharing their work.

Lauren Nicole Bavaro | Art History

Artist's Statement

I create images out of mixed media that explore the idea of family, self-image, and space. I aim to explore individual personas so that there is a juxtaposition between the way that that subject thinks of themselves, I, the artist thinks of them, and how the viewers think of them.

I am interested with memory and the way memories are retrieved and stored as single people and as a collective. I want each person that I paint or represent through a medium to exist within a memory that I have and share with them, while becoming a new memory for the viewer.

I try to create subtle triggers within the work to bring those memories forward through the use of gems and glitter. In every painting, I want to exhibit the persona known to the subject and unknown to the subject.


Artist's Portfolio