Lakshmi Ramgopal

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Image of a woman of Indian descent laying on her back, surrounded by richly colored
Lakshmi Ramgopal, 2019. Photo by Brittany Sowacke.
Lakshmi Ramgopal
21st Century

Lakshmi Ramgopal is a Roman historian and multidisciplinary artist. Her electronic performances, recordings, and sound installations encompass her ensemble performances as the project Lykanthea.

Ramgopal's debut album Migration (2014) garnered praise from Noisey, Chicago Tribune, and Public Radio International's The World for its alchemy of synths, guitar drones, catchy beats, and Carnatic (southern Indian) improvisatory techniques. Her sound and object installation Maalai (2017–2018) has been exhibited at Comfort Station in Chicago and the Ukrainian Institute for Modern Art. A Half-Light Chorus (2018), a four-chanel site-specific sound installation for the Fern Room in Chicago's Lincoln Park Conservatory, featured vocalists imitating bird calls from India and in Sanskrit literature.

Ramgopal is Assistant Professor of History at Columbia University. She completed a PhD in Classics at the University of Chicago.

Learn more about Lakshmi Ramgopal's work at the artist's website.