Collection Highlights

Gabriele Münter, The Blue Gable, 1911. Oil, canvas. Gift of Albert L. Arenberg 1956-13-1
Gabriele Münter, 1911
Small brown tea bowl that could fit in a person's hand. Glaze is grey in the middle and deeper brown at edges, with silver on the rim. Surface is smooth. This bowl is around 700 years old.
Chinese artisan, 12th - 13th century
Kozangrodek III by Frank Stella is a large relief collage that is taller than an average man and about as wide. It contains panels of vibrantly colored, smooth material that stand out at angles from each other, forming an abstract citiscape.
Frank Stella, 1973
Unknown artist (Active in Edgefield, South Carolina). Face Jug, ca. 1850–1865. Alkaline-glazed stoneware. Museum purchase through the Theresa E. and Harlan E. Moore Charitable Trust Fund 2018-15-1
Unknown artist (active in Edgefield, South Carolina), ca. 1850–1865
Carolee Schneemann (United States, 1939–2019), Water Light/Water Needle V, 1966–2014. Hand colored giclée print on Hahnemüle paper. Museum purchase in honor of Kathleen Harleman. 2017-17-1
Carolee Schneemann (United States, 1939–2019), 1966–2014
Hedda Sterne, Machine Five, 1950. Oil, canvas. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1950-7-1
Hedda Sterne, 1950
Louis Comfort Tiffany, Favrile Candle Lamp (detail), 1982-16-6_7. Iridescent glass, hand-wrought bronze. Gift of Willis N. and Louis Bruce 1982-16-6, 1982-16-7
Louis Comfort Tiffany, ca. 1906–18
Mark Rothko, No. 13, 1949. Oil, canvas. Gift of Walter Bareiss 1955-16-1
Mark Rothko, 1949
Blue-and-white globular dragon vase (Tianqiuping), Qing Dynasty, Jiaqing (1796–1820) or Daiguang (1820–1850) period. From the Krannert Art Museum collection
China, Qing Dynasty, Jiaqing (1796–1820) or Daoguang (1820–1850) period
Rotimi Fani-Kayodé (Nigerian-British, 1955–1989), Dan Mask, 1989. Silver gelatin print, hand-printed, edition 3/10. Art Acquisitions Fund 2012-7-1
Rotimi Fani-Kayodé, 1989
Utagawa Kuniyoshi, Sudden Shower in the Summer Heat, 1849-1851. Installation view at Krannert Art Museum, 2018.
Utagawa Kuniyoshi, 1849–1851
Detail of mantle with hummingbird design, ca. 100 BCE. Peru, Nasca. Cotton, alpaca wool. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-56
Peru, Nasca, ca. 100 BCE
Andy Warhol. Marilyn, 1971. Silkscreen. Museum purchase through the John Needles Chester Fund 1983-8-1
Andy Warhol, 1971
Charles Burchfield. The Four Seasons, 1949–1960. Watercolor. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1961-2-1
Charles Burchfield, 1949–1960
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, (Albi, France, 1864–1901, Langon, France), Napoléon, 1895. The William Sparling Kinkead Collection of Toulouse-Lautrec Art 1984-44-6
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895
Danny Lyon, Jack, Chicago, 1967. Silver gelatin print. Gift of Arnold and Temmie Gilbert 1988-14-32
Danny Lyon, 1965–1966
Manuel Carrillo, Mexico City, D. F., 1966. Silver gelatin print. Gift of Arnold M. Gilbert 1982-22-27
Manuel Carrillo,
Alfred Stieglitz, The Terminal, 1893. Photogravure. Art Acquisition Fund 1990-3-1
Alfred Stieglitz, 1893
Anna Pottery (Anna, IL), Designer: Wallace Kirkpatrick, Snake Jug, c. 1880–1890. Stoneware with dark brown slip and applied, incised decoration. Gift of the Department of Ceramic Engineering at the University of Illinois, Ries Collection. 1980-5-54
Anna Pottery, Anna, Illinois, ca. 1875–90
Paul Revere Pottery, ca. 1908-42. Ceramic. Harlan E. Moore Charitable Trust 1987-14-1
Saturday Evening Girls; Designer: Lili Shapiro , ca. 1915
Isoda Koryusai, A Standing Courtesan, 1775. Work on paper. Gift of the Class of 1908 1974-15-1
Isoda Koryūsai, 1775
Abhisandhita Nayika: Radha and Krishna estranged by a quarrel, 19th century. Northern India, Himachal Pradesh, Pahari school, Kangra. Opaque color and gold leaf on paper. Gift of George P. Bickford 1970-10-5
India, Guler-Kangra, 18th Century
Homecoming Boat on a Wintry River, ca 1620. Chen Lian. China, active Ming dynasty, 1368-1644. Gift of Class of 1908 1976-14-1
Chen Lian (active Ming dynasty, 1368-1644), ca. 1620
Attic black-figure kylix, ca. 530 BCE. Earthenware, slip. Gift of Theresa E. and Harlan E. Moore, 1970-8-1
Follower of Exekias (Greece, active ca. 550–525 BCE), ca. 530 BCE
David Park, Standing Couple, 1958. Oil on canvas. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1961-11-1
David Park, 1958
William Baziotes, Moon Animal, 1950. Oil on canvas. Installed in Art Since 1948 at Krannert Art Museum, 2019. University of Illinois purchase through the Festival of Arts Purchase Fund, 1951-6-1.
William Baziotes, 1950
Phillip Guston, The Porch, 1945. Oil on canvas. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1948-10-1
Philip Guston, 1945
Childe Hassam, Lady in the Park, 1890. Oil on canvas. Gift of Katherine Trees Livezey 1973-3-1
Childe Hassam, 1890
Winslow Homer, Cerney-La-Ville-French Farm, 1867. Oil on panel. Gift of Merle J. and Emily N. Trees 1940-1-3
Winslow Homer, 1867
Model funeral cortege, ca. 1400. Peru, Chimú-Chancay. Silvered copper, cloth-covered reed mat, silver gilding, feather. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-303
Peru, Chimú-Chancay, ca. 1400
Ceremonial drum, ca. 100 BCE, Peru, Nasca. Terracotta, polychrome slip. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-110
Nasca, Peru, ca. 100 BCE
Attributed to Areogun of Osi Ilorin, Bowl for Divination Implements (Opon Igede Ifa), early 20th century. Wood.  Gift of Richard J. Faletti Family Collection 2001-16-24/a
Attributed to Areogun of Osi Ilorin, 20th Century
Yoruba artist, Helmet Mask (epa), mid to late 19th century. Wood, iron nails and bands, fiber, sacrificial substances. Gift of Richard J. Faletti, Faletti Family Collection 2001-16-11
Yoruba artist,
"Singer" dance mask, early 20th century Ivory Coast (We) Wood, bells, fiber, chalk 11 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches Gift of Richard J. Faletti Family Collection 2000-5-1
Ivory Coast (We), 20th Century
Edward Weston (United States, 1886-1958). Platinum print. Art Acquisition Fund 1964-3-51
Edward Weston, 1925
Reliquary guardian figure (Mbulu-Ngulu)
Gabon, Southern Kota-Obamba, 19th–20th Century
Image of a painting by Joos van Craesbeeck, The Coin Collector, 17th century. (after conservation)
Joos van Craesbeeck , ca. 1660