Collection Highlights

Detail of mantle with hummingbird design, ca. 100 BCE. Peru, Nasca. Cotton, alpaca wool. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-56
Peru, Nasca, ca. 100 BCE
Ilya Iosifovich Kobakov. Woman as Fountain: Courtyard Sculpture Project, 1998. Etching. Sheldon Good Family Charitable Foundation 2000-9-1
Ilya Iosifovich Kabakov, 1998
Andy Warhol. Marilyn, 1971. Silkscreen. Museum purchase through the John Needles Chester Fund 1983-8-1
Andy Warhol, 1971
Charles Burchfield. The Four Seasons, 1949–1960. Watercolor. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1961-2-1
Charles Burchfield, 1949–1960
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, (Albi, France, 1864–1901, Langon, France), Napoléon, 1895. The William Sparling Kinkead Collection of Toulouse-Lautrec Art 1984-44-6
Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, 1895
Krishna Leaves Radha. India, Guler-Kangra (18th century). Opaque color on paper. 8 1/2 x 6 1/2 inches. Gift of George P. Bickford 1970-10-5
India, Guler-Kangra, 18th Century
Homecoming Boat on a Wintry River, ca 1620. Chen Lian. China, active Ming dynasty, 1368-1644. Gift of Class of 1908 1976-14-1
Chen Lian (active Ming dynasty, 1368-1644), ca. 1620
David Park, Standing Couple, 1958. Oil on canvas. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1961-11-1
David Park, 1958
Phillip Guston, The Porch, 1945. Oil on canvas. Festival of Arts Purchase Fund 1948-10-1
Philip Guston, 1945
Childe Hassam, Lady in the Park, 1890. Oil on canvas. Gift of Katherine Trees Livezey 1973-3-1
Childe Hassam, 1890
Winslow Homer, Cerney-La-Ville-French Farm, 1867. Oil on panel. Gift of Merle J. and Emily N. Trees 1940-1-3
Winslow Homer, 1867
Model funeral cortege, ca. 1400. Peru, Chimú-Chancay. Silvered copper, cloth-covered reed mat, silver gilding, feather. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-303
Peru, Chimú-Chancay, ca. 1400
Ceremonial drum, ca. 100 BCE, Peru, Nasca. Terracotta, polychrome slip. Gift of Fred Olsen and the Art Acquisition Fund 1967-29-110
Nasca, Peru, ca. 100 BCE
"Singer" dance mask, early 20th century Ivory Coast (We) Wood, bells, fiber, chalk 11 3/4 x 9 1/2 inches Gift of Richard J. Faletti Family Collection 2000-5-1
Ivory Coast (We), 20th Century
Edward Weston (United States, 1886-1958). Platinum print. Art Acquisition Fund 1964-3-51
Edward Weston, 1925
Reliquary guardian figure (Mbulu-Ngulu)
Gabon, Southern Kota-Obamba, 19th–20th Century