Tour the Museum

Krannert Art Museum tours are designed to provide in-depth explorations of particular galleries and works of art within them. 

Guided Group Tours

Free, guided tours are available for community groups. Your guided tour may take one of the following approaches. We can also provide a tour guide for visitors who need accommodations or special help due to an accessibility need.

Highlights Tour

You will be given an overview of several of the museum’s galleries with more in-depth descriptions highlighting a few artworks in each of them. Minimum of 8 people.

Not Your Typical Museum Tour

In this interactive, fast-paced tour, we ditch the aimless wandering and passive looking and show you how to engage with the art. You will play games, debate, and get the gossip – all while learning about several artists and cultures and relating them to your own life and experiences. Minimum of 12 people.

Request a Guided Tour of KAM (Please submit the form at least two weeks in advance, to assist with scheduling.)

Self-guided Exploration

Groups of 7 or fewer may explore anytime the museum is open. The goal of a museum visit is to look closely, think critically about the works of art, and formulate your own interpretations based on the contextual information provided in the gallery.

Make the Most of your Visit to KAM

As you explore the museum's collection galleries and special exhibitions, pay attention to the wall text and labels near each object on display.

Object labels can contain information about the artist, time period, and materials from which a piece of art is made. Sometimes, curators will provide descriptive text and background information on each work of art.

As you encounter works of art, consider observing and asking:

  • What is going on in this work of art? What makes you think so?
  • Name the first thing that comes to mind when you look at this artwork?
  • Describe the lines, colors, and shapes.
  • How would you describe the figure(s) shown in the work of art?
  • What mood or feeling does this artwork convey to you? Why?
  • If you could step into this artwork, what would you hear, feel, do, say?
  • When and where do you think this work of art was made? What do you see that makes you think so?
  • How do you think this artwork might have originally been used?
  • Do you like it? Why or why not?

K-12 School Tours and Field Trips

School tours and field trips are designed to provide in-depth explorations of a few works of art in a way that fits current curricular standards.

Typically in a one-hour tour, students will visit four galleries and discuss one to two works of art in each gallery. The goal is to encourage students to strengthen their ability to look closely, think critically about the works of art, and formulate their own interpretations based on the contextual information provided by the guide.

Learn more by visiting our field trips page or Schedule a Field Trip now.

University Class Visits & Assignments

In-Person and Virtual

We welcome faculty and teaching assistants to incorporate the museum into their course syllabi. Museum staff are available to work with you to meet your course goals and determine the best approach.

In order to prioritize the health and safety of our visitors and staff, we are offering a range of approaches to engage your class with the museum:

  • Class visit to KAM – Depending on your class size and the galleries you want to visit, it may be possible to arrange for your class to visit KAM as a group.
  • Virtual gallery talk – Museum staff can share the museum with your class through a Zoom video call or other digital platform.
  • Independent class assignment using the museum – You can make an assignment in which your students will need to visit the museum on their own or use our online resources.

To arrange a time for a class visit or academic engagement, please Submit a Class Visit Request. We will respond promptly.