Gallery Guidelines

Ready to Visit Krannert Art Museum? Let's Get Started...

The KAM Education team has put together a quick, fun video to introduce you to Krannert Art Museum. Hope you enjoy your visit.

Please enjoy your visit to Krannert Art Museum. To protect the works of art, we request that you follow the gallery guidelines below.

When individuals or groups visit the museum, it can be helpful to think about appropriate behavior in the galleries. Krannert Art Museum also has guidelines about items that are and are not permitted. Here's an overview:

Maintain Safe Distance

Please do not touch the artwork, and try to stand at a safe distance from paintings and pedestals. The care you take helps to preserve the art on display.

Move Carefully

Be sure to walk slowly and carefully in the galleries. Please do not lean on walls or cases. Some galleries have benches or other seating, but there are also portable stools and seated walkers available near the entrances to the museum, if needed.

Secure Your Belongings

To keep the artwork safe from accidents, we ask that visitors do not bring large bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and/or heavy coats into the galleries. You may leave them in your vehicle or in a locker at one of the entrances. These lockers require a deposit of 25 cents which is returned when items are removed. There is no coat check available at the front desk, so please plan ahead.

Keep Snacks in the Café

The Espresso Royale Palette Café is open year-round. Food and drink is permitted there and outdoors only. To protect the artwork, there is no eating, drinking, or chewing gum allowed in the galleries.


Where it is permitted, feel free to take photographs (always no flash, please), but there is no filming or tripods allowed without prior permission. The museum guards can let you know whether photography is permitted or prohibited in each gallery. Detailed information on photography in the museum is outlined below.

The following items are prohibited in all galleries:

  • Backpacks, bags, or bulky objects larger than11” x 16” x 6”, including wet or large umbrellas (Lockers are available and require a 25 cent deposit.)
  • Pens, markers, paint, or other artist materials (Pencils are allowed.)
  • Food or drink 
  • Firearms or weapons of any kind
  • Animals, except for service animals

Please refrain from the following activities:

  • Touching the artwork
  • Leaning against the walls, doors, and fixtures
  • Running, shouting, or rowdiness
  • Smoking indoors or outside. The University of Illinois is a smoke-free campus.
  • Flash photography

Photography at KAM

Museum patrons, students, and faculty:

Unless otherwise posted, photography/videography of artwork in the KAM collection, using a handheld camera and without flash, is allowed for non-commercial use only. 

Artwork on loan to the museum may not be photographed without express written permission.

Professional photographers/videographers:

Professional photography must be scheduled in advance. Please Contact KAM to make a request. We will assist you with scheduling.

General photography guidelines:

  • No flash or additional lights are allowed.
  • No tripods or monopods are allowed.
  • Krannert Art Museum respects all applicable copyright law. It is the responsibility of the photographer to ensure that copyright permission is obtained and all laws are observed. 
  • KAM reserves the right to withdraw permission to photograph in the museum.