KAM Council


Treasurer Lisa Kocheril addresses the Krannert Art Museum Council general membership meeting, 2015.
Treasurer Lisa Kocheril addresses the Krannert Art Museum Council general membership meeting, 2015.

The Krannert Art Museum council is the museum's volunteer support group, open to all museum members. Established in 1964 to assist the museum with its activities and programs, the Council has its own by-laws, committeees, and governing board of officers.

Council members work closely with others who share an interest in art and acquire an understanding of the inner workings af the art museum, expanding the museum's outreach to the community. 


Krannert Art Museum Council Officers

Board | 2019–2020

Sharon Williams

Vice Presidents – Membership
Karen Devine

Mary Beth Kurasek

Assistant Treasurer
Liz Jones

Recording Secretary/Communications 
Diane Schumacher

Corresponding Secretary 
Jamie Storm

Museum Council Liaison
Chris Schaede


Committee Chairs | 2019–2020

Gelvin Gardens
Gloria Rainer

Art Conversations
Brice Hutchcraft, Brenda Nardi

Jean Hagen, Debbie Eichelberger, Nancy Johnson

Lisa Kocheril

Sharon Williams

Karen Devine

Public Relations
Susan Feuille

Lisa Kocheril

Brice Hutchcraft

Shelia O’Connor

Mary Kay Dailey, Mary Beth Kurasek

Diane Schumacher

Calling Committee
Margaret Maguire

Nominating Committee
Executive Board and Appointees

Unsung Hero
Donna Giertz


To Become A KAM Council Member

Becoming a Council member is easy.

First, if you're not already, become a museum member.

Then, send your Council dues ($50 annually) with your name, address, and contact information (phone/email) to: 

KAM Council
c/o Krannert Art Museum
500 E. Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to call the museum at 217 244 0516 or email the council.

What activities does the KAM Council host?

Every fall and spring, the Council hosts a special lecture and luncheon, typically at the Champaign Country Club. It is an opportunity to gather with fellow arts enthusiasts and supporters of the museum to learn something new about art at the University of Illinois.

Art Conversations are another way the Council encourages continued learning about art. Throughout the year, Council members gather in homes or at the museum for special talks and tours where they can ask questions and learn more about the work of the museum, about artists, or about individual works of art.

From caring for the museum gardens to learning about artwork in the collection to making and exhibiting works of art, KAM Council members do so much.