Arts Education at KAM


Krannert Art Museum Director of Education Anne Sautman works with area high school students in Encounters: The Arts of Africa during an intensive exploration of the museum through the KAM-BAM program.

Dear friends,

I know first-hand that arts experiences are transformative. Visiting art museums broadened my worldview—the world of today, its history, and where it is going.

Exposure to the arts encouraged me to think more critically and creatively, which helped me learn to how to express myself better, and build confidence as I was trying to find my place in the world. And now, years later, I am fortunate to have a career whose goal is to make these opportunities possible for others.

The education staff at Krannert Art Museum strives to provide high-quality arts experiences to all kinds of students. To do so, we offer many resources to teachers to make this as easy as possible. You can participate in a workshop just for teachers. You can bring your students for a one-hour tour or a week-long immersion. You can borrow artwork to bring to your classroom. No matter the method, your students can be exposed to diverse artworks and participate in a variety of art experiences.

Gone are the days of a docent lecturing to a group of students. We look, share, and build on each others’ ideas. We move, laugh, and create. And mixed in is a lot of discovering, interpreting, and providing evidence for ideas. Whether the art your class experiences is from a long time ago or from today, whether it is from a regional artist or from the other side of the world, we work hard to relate the significance of these artworks to your students’ lives and experiences and have them consider how art can help them learn about the world and themselves.

So, on behalf of Krannert Art Museum and the KAM Education team, allow me to welcome you to the museum. Please, explore all our collections, programs, and education center have to offer. 

With warmest welcome,

Anne Sautman

Director of Education, Krannert Art Museum