Field Trips

A field trip to Krannert Art Museum can open up your students' eyes to art from around the world.

We are happy to schedule one of our museum educators to show your students around and engage them with the art, or you are more than welcome to do it yourself.

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Wondering what to expect on your field trip? Check out our Gallery Guidelines video.

General Tour Format

Krannert Art Museum is pleased to offer the following field trips/guided tours to student groups free of charge. Typically in a one-hour tour, students will visit four galleries and discuss one or two works of art in each gallery. We also welcome special requests. If you would like a tour on a topic not listed below, please ask.

Look, Talk, Create: Pre-K through Grade 2

In this tour, designed for our youngest visitors, gallery teachers will show students three to four of the museum’s most child-friendly works of art. At each stop, the students will look and talk about what they see and participate in a quick, hands-on activity. The experience is meant to introduce children to their community art museum, expose them to various types of art from diverse cultures, and pique their curiosity and imaginations. (Maximum: 50 students)

Inquiry with Art: Grades 3 to 8

What is it? Who is that? What is going on? How does it relate to me? Questions have the power to incite curiosity and encourage discovery. In this tour, students will be led through the inquiry process to collaboratively unveil the meaning and significance of various types of artworks from diverse cultures throughout history. Together, students will observe, hypothesize, consider multiple perspectives, and support ideas with visual evidence. Inquiry will consist of dialogue as well as other modes, such as moving, making, and storytelling, to help connect with all types of learners. (Maximum: 60 students)

Experiencing Art: High School and Introductory College Courses

A visit to an art museum does not have to consist of passive looking and listening. On this tour, students will engage with art and each other. Through interactive approaches, they will analyze, debate, and respond to art that is old and new as well as from distant and nearby places. The experience is meant to encourage students to see that art can broaden their perspective of the world as well as help them further understand themselves. (Maximum: 60 students)


Tour Name

Look, Think, Create

Inquiry with Art

Experiencing Art

Age Pre-K through Grade 2 Grades 3–8 High School and Intro College Courses
Length 45–60 min 60–90* min 60–90* min
Max Students (divided into groups of 15 per guide) 50 students 60 students 60 students
Chaperone Requirements 1 for every
5 students
1 for every
8 students
High School: 1 for every
15 students; College n/a


*There are two ways to structure a 90 minute class visit: 90-minute tour with longer activities or a 60-minute tour, plus time for a student assignment given by you afterward. (This second option is only available for students in grades 6–12)

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    Curricular Standards

    All guided tours meet the following Learning Standards:

    • Visual Arts Standards: Creating, Presenting, Responding, Connecting
    • Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts: Reading, Speaking & Listening
    • Social Science Standards: Inquiry skills, Geography, History