Audio Description Project

The Audio Description Project was created by Liza Sylvestre, Curator of Academic Programs at KAM. 

Audio descriptions of artwork are created for people with low vision and blindness. Despite their importance, audio descriptions remain unregulated, meaning there is no protocol or standard in place requiring their use.

As a result, audio descriptions are often dismissed or only reluctantly implemented by cultural organizations. What is more, in 2017, the Trump Administration halted work that would more clearly define how the ADA (the Americans with Disabilities Act) would regulate internet accessibility protocols.

In recognition of these underserved audiences, KAM is developing an Audio Description Project designed to provide a generative and creative space in which individuals of all sensory compositions can learn from and enjoy.

The Audio Description Project has three main goals:

  1. To make KAM’s collections increasingly accessible to people with low vision and blindness;
  2. To provide new and creative learning tools through which expansive art learning becomes possible;
  3. To collectively redefine the concept of disability, and to acknowledge that individuals with differing sensory makeups are vital to our culture and artistic experiences.