Borderland Collective: Northern Triangle, installation at Krannert Art Museum, 2016. Photo by Julia Nucci Kelly
Oct 05, 2016 - 6
Oct 06, 2016 - 12
Oct 07, 2016 - 12–5pm

Northern Triangle aims to open spaces for constructive and ongoing dialogues and exchanges around art, migration, and human rights.

Borderland Collective Artist Residency

Timeline Workshop

October 5, 6pm at La Casa Cultural Latina, 1203 W. Nevada St., Urbana
Borderland Collective presents Timeline Workshop, including dinner and discussion at La Casa Cultural Latina. At the workshop, members of the Collective—Jason Reed, Erina Duganne, and Mark Menjivar—will talk about remembrance, historical and contemporary connections, and the ways communities build knowledge and understanding.

Lunch on Us at LaCasa Cultural Latina with Adriana Corral

October 5, 12 noon at La Casa Cultural Latina, 1203 W. Nevada St., Urbana
As part of the artist residency with Borderland Collective, have lunch at La Casa Cultural Latina with Adriana Corral, a featured artist and member of Borderland Collective. Corral is an award-winning artist whose installations, performances, and sculpture delve into themes of injustice, loss, and memory.

Migration Stories, a project of Borderland Collective artist Mark Menjivar

October 7, 12–5pm at Anniversary Plaza, on the Quad near the Illini Union
Migration Stories is an oral history project focusing on personal narratives of how we arrived to where we are now. We believe that where we came from and how we arrived to where we are now is important. Not just for our individual lives, but for our communal lives as well.

Stories can open a door to empathy and move us to action. We each have a migration story—some are just more recent than others. Following a workshop with students exploring the historical, practical, and philosophical elements of oral histories and how they are used within the visual arts, Menjivar and the participating students will work together in a public space to invite individuals to participate. Stories will be distributed back to participants and made available to the public in digital and print forms. Listen


Borderland Collective artist residency and related programming are paid in part by the Student Cultural Program Fee.