Krannert Art Museum, view from Gelvin Gardens, 2014.

We’re ready to welcome you. Please see the information below to make the most of your visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to building construction, galleries in the Kinkead Pavilion portion of the museum will be de-installed starting in November 2023. That portion of the museum will close December 22, including galleries, our Collection Study Area and the Giertz Education Center. It will remain closed throughout the yearlong project.

The remainder of the museum, accessed via Peabody Drive, including Art Since 1948, Encounters the Arts of Africa, and special exhibition spaces in the East Gallery, West Gallery, and Light Court, will remain open to the public.

Help care for our community and museum by following basic health and safety precautions:

  • Stay home if you feel ill or are running a fever.
  • Wash hands frequently with soap and water (20 sec.). Hand sanitizer is available for visitor use in the museum.


The museum is open Tuesday through Saturday, 10 am to 4 pm.  Admission is always free.

Parking is available in the lot adjacent to the museum or along the street. On weekdays, parking is metered through the Mobile Meter app or pay-by-phone. Parking is free on evenings and weekends.

Staff at the front desk can provide helpful information for your visit. Please feel free to check in when you arrive and stop by at any time you have a question.

Hand sanitizer is available at both entrances for use when you arrive.

Accessible entry to the museum will be altered during construction. Ramp access and automated doors are on the north side of the Link Gallery, near Siebel Center for Design. D/HH-friendly check in is available, large-print labels are in collection galleries, portable seating and mobility aids are available to borrow at the front desk. For more accessibility information, please see our Accessibility page.

Please read posted information as you enter. An attendant will be nearby to answer questions as you continue to the galleries.


Please Do: Maintain a Safe Distance

As a courtesy, please maintain appropriate distance from other visitors as you enter and proceed through the galleries.  

Please stand at a safe distance from paintings and pedestals and do not touch the art or the cases. The care you take helps to preserve the art for all.

Follow posted signs to explore areas that are open to visitors. Some galleries may be closed for installation, special programs, teaching, or cleaning.


Please Do: Care for Yourself and Others

Personal Care

  • Please wash your hands often, following public health best practices.
  • Public restrooms are available on the first floor of the Bow Gallery and in the lower level lobby across from the KAM Auditorium.
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers are in public spaces throughout the museum.


Please Do: Help Yourself to Accessibility Aids

Please ask at the desk if you require D/HH-friendly check in. They will be happy to accommodate your needs.

Elevators are located on the south side of the Peabody lobby just inside the glass doors and on the southwest end of the Bow Gallery near the restrooms. Please sanitize or wash your hands before and after riding the elevator.

Seated walkers and wheelchairs are available. Please ask an attendant to check out this item.

Portable seats are available in the galleries. Sanitizing wipes are available for visitors to clean these items before and after use.

Loanable technology, such as assistive listening devices or noise-reducing headphones, are available in the Peabody Lobby. Please ask an attendant to check out these items.

If you need assistance during your visit, please ask a gallery attendant at any time. More accessibility information is at


Service Animals

Trained service animals are welcome in all spaces throughout the museum.

Other supervised and leashed domesticated animals are allowed only outside of the building.


Please Do: Take Care of Your Belongings

Small bags, purses, backpacks, and other items may be carried at your side safely and carefully. Larger items may be stored in our free lockers near the Peabody Lobby.

Please close and tie wet umbrellas before entering the galleries. On rainy days, umbrella bags are available at the entrances to keep the floors dry and safe for all.


Please Do: Eat and Drink Elsewhere

Drinks must remain closed and stowed away in your bag during your visit.

There is no eating and drinking in the galleries; please enjoy food and drink in the Link or garden only.


Please Do: Sketch and Take Photos for Personal Use

Visitors may sketch and write in the galleries, using pencil and paper. Please respect other visitors to the galleries and take your time to enjoy the art.

Unless otherwise posted, you may take photos for personal or educational use (no flash, please). Please respect the copyright of artists and designers whose work is on display.

Tripods, commercial photography, and videotaping are allowed only with staff permission. To make a request, please email us.



The University of Illinois is a 100% smoke-free and tobacco-free campus. All tobacco use, including smoking, non-combustible tobacco use, and vape is prohibited on any campus property. For more information, visit Tobacco-Free Campus Policy.

No firearms or weapons of any kind are permitted inside the museum or on the grounds.


Please Do: Ask Questions

We encourage you to call the front desk at 217-244-0745 during museum hours if you have questions or need additional assistance.

For assistance during your visit, please ask a gallery attendant at any time.

For professional photo/video permissions or other questions, please email us.