Alison O'Daniel, photo courtesy of the artist
Oct 14, 2021 - 5:30
Virtual Event

Alison O'Daniel is a visual artist and filmmaker whose video and sculpture are on view in Crip* at Krannert Art Museum. She will present a talk titled "Quasi-Closed Captions."

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Artist's Statement | About the Talk

I will present the background information that has led up to and formed my project, The Tuba Thieves,  and examine how complex embodiment is addressed in the aural politics of the production, highlighting  shifting representations of identity and variations in audiences’ aural/visual reception of the film, depending on their place along the spectrum of d/Deaf to hearing, and how this simultaneously complicates and completes the project.

I will describe my working methods utilizing visual musical scores, closed-captions, soundtracks, and storytelling as fluid modes of perception or as assistive listening devices that encourage the viewer to navigate between form, concept, object, sound, and  narrative. I will discuss how the project has developed with Deaf and hearing musicians, skateboarders,  marching bands, composers, athletes, actors and artists whom I ask to navigate, de-construct and re-imagine sound.

‘Quasi-closed captions’ refers to the differences in content between information  conveyed in subtitles for a Deaf or a hard of hearing audience, and the actual words or sound being delivered, despite the general subtext remaining the same for both. I am particularly interested in the poetic possibility within these gaps of information. 

My presentation will trace the links between a particular call-and-response format of collaboration I have developed and the resulting confusion and at times disintegration of authorship that leads to the transformation of narrative. Finally, I will highlight  the loss or re-creation of information as it passes through various channels and mediums, ultimately  building a visual, aural, and haptic vocabulary as a means to explode notions of perception and tell stories inspired by historic, somatic and quotidian interpretations of events. 

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About the Artist

Alison O'Daniel is a visual artist and filmmaker. She has screened and exhibted in galleries and museums internationally, including at the Hammer Museum, Los Angeles; Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Moscow; Centre Pompidou, Paris; Centro Centro, Madrid; Renaissance Society, Chicago; Art in General, New York, and many others. She is represented by Commonwealth and Council in Los Angeles and is an Assistant Professor of Film at California College of the Arts in San Francisco.