Reflections on Life Through Art: A Celebration of Artist Sandra Batzli

Lake Tachin Winter 3 copy.jpg

A snowy landscape that includes the shore of a partially frozen lake. A treeline that combines dense evergreens with the bare branches of winter sits beneath a chilly blue-lavender sky. There are no people or animals about.
Sandra Batzli, Lake Taachin (Winter). Courtesy of the artist's estate. © Sandra Batzli

Barn Still Cared For 22 x 18 Jeff Batzli.jpg

A barn and home stand under blue skies at a distance across a brightly colored field. The lower third of this medium sized canvas is shades of greens and yellows. The barn and building a weathered red brown. The treeline and sky behind the barn are bright
Sandra Batzli, Barn Still Cared For. Courtesy of the artist's estate. © Sandra Batzli

Lake Michigan Moonlight Bay Dunkelsberger.jpg

pale blue sky reflects off a waterway. low-lying marsh vegetation (flowers and grasses) seems to glow in the bluish tint of moonlight. Far away on the left is a small rise with evergreens in the distance. Sailboats sail on the lake at the horizon line
Sandra Batzli, Lake Michigan Moonlight Bay. Courtesy of the artist's estate. © Sandra Batzli
Aug 25, 2022 - 5:30-7:30 pm
Main Level, Link Gallery
All proceeds of this event will go to the Sandra Batzli Endowment Fund which provides unrestricted support for Krannert Art Museum.

Join us to celebrate the life and art of Sandra Batzli.

This celebration will include a sale of Sandra's art to benefit the museum. Please see the top slideshow to view examples of Sandra's artwork.