Working It Out: A conversation with artist Bea Nettles and curator Mary Statzer


Image of a young girl (white, 5-6 years old) standing in front of a chalkboard. She wears a red dress and holds a deep pink string of paper hearts over her own heart across her body. She looks down at it, her brown, straight hair obscuring her face.
Bea Nettles, String of Hearts, 1984; from Rachel’s Holidays. Dye imbibition print. George Eastman Museum. Gift of the artist © Bea Nettles
Feb 25, 2021 - 4 pm
Virtual event
Sponsored by McKinley Foundation Artists' Alley

Please join Bea Nettles, mixed media artist, and Mary Statzer, PhD, Curator of Prints & Photographs at the University of New Mexico Art Museum, for a conversation about Bea’s life and career, spanning fifty years.

Nettles and Statzer will discuss Bea Nettles’s working process, self-representation, and how art can help the maker and the viewer negotiate life’s challenges.

They will also talk about Bea’s career in broader terms and what it was like to be a trailblazing female artist and educator.

This talk, sponsored by the McKinley Foundation Artists’ Alley, is presented on the occasion of the retrospective exhibition, Bea Nettles: Harvest of Memory, at Krannert Art Museum, on view through March 6. The exhibition is organized by the George Eastman Museum and the Sheldon Art Galleries.

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