2022 School of Art + Design Bachelor of Fine Arts Exhibition


painting of a man in suspenders and hat, back turned, tending plants on a sunny day in a brick courtyard
Xochitl Cisneros | Painting; Image courtesy of the artist


at right, two stacked images of a design concept for a beverage maker and its water reservoir; at left, an image of the appliance in a kitchen
Yuqiu Feng | Industrial Design; Image courtesy of the designer


a photo of famiy members sitting on the stairs. There are eight or nine women seated. Bright paint has been applied to each one to emphasize their clothing. By contrast their faces stand out as unadorned.
Shannon Li | Art Education; Image courtesy of the artist


pop art poster of two women in sleeveless dresses standing intimately close. They each touch a magazine with silly phrases about goals like "make frogs gay". Title says: The Gay Agenda
Nena Rohaidzam | New Media; "The Gay Agenda," image courtesy of the artist

oshaughnessy_brendan_fruiting bodies_image1.jpg

two people in furry costumes lead one another through a forest. A taller one is pink and smaller one is yellow. The hood of the costume covers their faces, making them seem not human.
Brendan O'Shaunessy | Sculpture, "Fruiting Bodies," color photograph. Courtesy of the artist.


a board is painted with layers of green to resemble dense foliage. A silhouette of a person is cut out from the center so the white of the wall behind shows through
Yan Lyu | Painting, "Growing," Acrylic on wood board. 69 x 20 in. Courtesy of the artist.


On view
May 7, 2022 to May 15, 2022
Main Level, East Gallery

This annual exhibition by graduating seniors demonstrates the School of Art + Design’s commitment to excellence and innovation in the practice, study, and teaching of the arts and confirms the advantages of professional studio programs taught in conjunction with the interdisciplinary resources of a leading research university. 

Graduating Seniors

Art History

Chloe Fulton
Jessica Fuller
Elena Gonzalez
Chloe Consuela-Maria White
Emma Christine Wise
Sarah Yamaguchi

Art Education

Veronica Alarcon
Grace Doyle
Carli Kanter
Eun Bee Kim
Olivia Kulas
Les Kutz
Shannon Li
Eli Lunkes
Madlyn M. Stevens
Farwah Tariq
Samantha Wagner
Isabel Alexandra Young
Meghan Zeivel
Celia Zukosky

Graphic Design

Karamel Aguila
Carolina Alarcon
Daniel Brown
Lena Madeleine Carey
Bo Cheng
Se Yeon Choi
Cathy Clark
Thomas P. Clark II
Darby Connell
Xiaoyan Cui
John Diedrich
Miah E. Emano
Aaron Bernacho Esquivel
Carlos Gilberto Ginez
Jasmine Alana Guzman
Megan Hann
Jada Tonielle Harris
Emily Kate Hazen
Elizabeth Hill
Alexis Johnson
Jack Johnson
Hee Yoon (Ashley) Jung
Ryan Kuk
Lindsay Brooke Lathrop
Jonathan Liang
Harrison Lupfer
Sarah Grace Majewski
Colton J. McNamara
Hannah Miller
Jamal Moore
Valerie Morrice
Katie Moy
Jake Mullen
Michelle Nguyen
Alessandra Nitti
Jamarri K. Nix
Jonah Ozer
Tico Pang
Yasmine Patiño
Cobey Pava
Peter Rest
Sidney Rodriguez
Gail Schneiderman
Manya Sharma
Abbie Steele
Blake Trendel
Kaixin Xie
Jennifer Zaragoza
Joseph Zilber

Industrial Design

Jazmin Alexia Aguilar
TJ Benhart
Judith Peyton Cecil
Jeff Ceranec
Maxwell Chan
Annabelle Cheng
Asusena Cisneros
Kathleen Rose Culligan
Ritvik Sanjay Desai
Lulie Duerkop
Yuqiu Feng
Benjamin Joseph Fiden
Dhriti Rakesh Gandhi
Yanlu Gao
Ronald Gonzales
Karolina Guerrero
Zijian Guo
Yi Huang
Elizabeth Keegan
Hannah Kim
Tabitha Koo
Dev Kiran Kumar
Athena Lai
Jeffrey Kevin Liou
Tianyi Liu (also BFA in Studio Art)
Yuyang Luo
Yuya Ma
Hristina Marcheva
Danielle May
Benjamin Se'ev Ling Sin Nio
Alexander Hansen Purnama
Yuhan Qiu
Ryan Sasaki
Margaret Schreiber
Jiayi Sheng
Jasmine Snipe
Nicholas Christian Spitze
Sarah Joanna Meehwa Stockdale
Karthik Subramaniam
Maryam Syed
Han Ping Gabriel Tan
Terey Tellez
Megan Vo
Christopher Matthew Volk
Junhan Xu
Yangmiao Xu
Yuxuan Zheng

New Media

Madison Crockett
Trinity Lewis
Nena Rohaidzam


Olivia Benge
Xochitl Cisneros
Shauri Gonzalez
Yan Lyu
Linda Obobaifo
Kyla Offord
Josie Danielle Pines
Carly A. Savage
Shayla V. Torres
Tianyuan Wu
Neida Isabel Zavala


Medline Pierce


Brendan D. O'Schaughnessy

Studio Art

Elena Buenrostro
Zoe Kelley
Tianyi Liu (also BFA in Industrial Design)
Nyah Peaches
Natalie Wakefield

Studio Art: Painting

Brittany Oriana Crutcher
Rachael Menke

A round black pillow with white lettering like you'd see on a sorority sweatshirt that says "Protect Black Spaces". The outside of the pillow is wreathed in flowers and leaves. it hangs on a white wall.
  1. Sep 24, 2022 to Dec 10, 2022