2022 School of Art + Design Master of Fine Arts Exhibition

We All Live Downstream (1).jpg

two dog or fox sculptures made of concrete with mosaic of glass tile in whites, blues and aqua. The sculpture sits in a pool of water which spouts in a fountain from the dogs eyes.
Katherine Hair, We All Live Downstream, 2021. Concrete, glass, water. Courtesy of the artist.


Wall mounted sculpture composed of broken shards of hard, flat material with jagged edges. The composition forms a rough circle, and each of the pieces (about 35 of them) is a different color or surface texture. They stand out from the wall a few inches.
Nathan Grimes, people pleaser, 2021. Mixed media painting on found substrate with armature. Courtesy of the artist.

yalin li 2.jpg

Yalin Li design for small tool designed to work with phones and smart watches. Graphic shows a pen-like item with a bluetooth symbol next to a phone (left), and at right the cap is removed to show a small tool head like a screwdriver next to a smart watch
Glucose Monitor by Yalin Li, MFA candidate who focuses on service-integrated industrial design and household products.


Image of a gallery display with pink pedestals and green fields painted behind wall-mounted artwork. An assortment of small sculptures is situated on shelves throughout the gallery and hung on the wall.
Salem H. Turchan, Museum of Gender Divination, Oracle Objects and Non-Discursive Knowing, installation at East Wall Gallery, Champaign, IL, 2022. Courtesy of the artist.

Virtual Reality Prototype FO.jpg

digital 3D rendering of a cardboard virtual reality viewer, with a smartphone showing two (stereo) images of a landscape
Faithful Oladeji, Virtual Reality Prototype. Courtesy of the designer.

SV Image 1 (about face).JPG

A pink, lidded box sits on a shelf. It is the size and shape of a large bar of soap with sharp corners. Hands hold a cross-stitched cloth with the embroidered words "eyes blinking" in ochre thread. The cloth is white, folded with a light brown border.
Sydney Vize, about-face, 2021. Woven glass beads and silicone box. Courtesy of the artist.

截屏2022-03-04 下午1.33.30 shuning.png

A model wears a necklace and bracelet that have a thick, white, cord and flat, circular pendant that is white and silver. The label on the image says "anti-mosquito"
Shuning Zheng, Anti-Mosquito jewelry design. Courtesy of the designer.


rendering of modular office furniture, including a simple white desk and filing cabinet with a chair that has a tall back and side walls, like a partition that protects the person sitting and gives them privacy. The back/sides of the chair are green
Zhaofu Zhang, Project 又: The privacy enhancement solution for open office, 2022. Courtesy of the designer.

Shifting Terrain (1).jpg

six turtle shells are arrayed in a grouping on a sandy surface. They are grey, weathered, and white like they've been sunbleached. They are actually made of wax by artist Katherine Hair.
Katherine Hair, Shifting Terrain, 2022. Wax, soil. Courtesy of the artist.


What looks like a large, metal door with industrial corner hardware and textured surface stands out at an angle from the wall. A wire structure holds it in place. Where it meets the wall is a rainbow-striped book that seems to anchor it in place.
Nathan Grimes, DECODECODECODECODECODECODECODECODE, 2022. Mixed media painting on found object with armature and book. Courtesy of the artist.

yalin li 1.jpg

close up of a woman's hand and the lower part of her face. She is holding a small, oblong device with one end tapered for her hand and the other end angled to be pressed to her cheek.
Product design by Yalin Li, MFA candidate focusing on service-integrated industrial design and household products.


a man in a button-down short sleeve shirt with embroidered birds models a pink and blue piece of baseboard trim attached to a chain like a necklace. The trim looks roughly 4 in wide and 6 in long and hangs mid torso on the model.
Salem H. Turchan, Becoming Baseboards and Window Trim, 2021. Mixed media, necklace. Courtesy of the artist.

Evaluating the User Experience of Architecture FO.jpg

computer rendering of two people, male/female, in virtual reality headsets. A third rendered person with a pen and paper observes them, presumably noting their reactions and experience with the technology
Faithful Oladeji, Evaluating the User Experience. Courtesy of the designer

SV Image 2 (alone in the elevator 2).JPG

A white clay rectangular bar, seemingly shaped by hand, stands out from a wall. Beneath the bar, six dark yellow cylinders are attached in a straight line, sides touching. They are thick like a person's finger and are arranged like bristles on a brush.
Sydney Vize, alone in the elevator option two (detail), 2021. Clay, foam, and silicone. Courtesy of the artist.

截屏2022-03-04 下午1.32.05 shuning.png

3D rendering of a hearing aid design in which the earpiece is connected to a circular microphone module. The microphone is silver with yellow indicator lights. A purple and blue set of undulating lines runs across the image and through the loop of the mic
Shuning Zheng, Fasion Hearing Aid. Courtesy of the Designer


a small, electrical device sits on a black pedestal. The device is designed to detect bacteria and has three caps, an on/off dial, and a handle. It is silver with a soft black display and white control knob.
Zhaofu Zhang, X detector: The household bacteria detector, 2022. Courtesy of the designer.


a hand holds a pink and blue painted gourd or cactus with bright green painted prickles. It is attached to a hanging plastic tag that has a price sticker of .$50 in the same bright green. It is in total about the size of an adult's hand.
Salem H. Turchan, Discrete Condom Removal Gave me Syphilis, 2021. Mixed media, brooch. Courtesy of the artist.


On view
Apr 2, 2022 to Apr 23, 2022
Main Level, East Gallery

This annual exhibition represents the culmination of artistic development for graduate students in the School of Art + Design at Illinois, which is committed to elevating and sustaining the arts as a distinct and necessary approach to human understanding.

Exhibiting Artists and Designers

Emmaly Crimmel

Liushuai Fan

Lijiang Fu

Nathan Grimes, MFA in Studio Art - Painting | Portfolio | Instagram

Katherine Hair, MFA in Studio Art | Portfolio | Instagram

Yalin Li, MFA in Industrial Design | Portfolio

Faithful Oladeji, MFA in Design for Responsible Innovation | Portfolio

Zhihao Tang

Salem Turchan, MFA in Studio Art - Sculpture | Portfolio

Sydney Vize, MFA in Studio Art - Sculpture | Portfolio | Instagram

Zhaofu Zhang, MFA in Industrial Design | Portfolio

Shuning Zheng, MFA in Industrial Design | Portfolio

Hanyu Zhu

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A round black pillow with white lettering like you'd see on a sorority sweatshirt that says "Protect Black Spaces". The outside of the pillow is wreathed in flowers and leaves. it hangs on a white wall.
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