Artwork from the Booker T. Washington STEM Academy
On View
Apr 8, 2024–May 6, 2024
Common Ground Food Co-op
300 S. Broadway Ave. Suite 166, Urbana, IL 61801

Over the course of two years, Krannert Art Museum and Booker T. Washington STEM Academy have partnered to bring art making and exploration to students during the weekly Fabulous Friday program. Working with the same group of students from 4th to 5th grade, KAM educators Kamila Glowacki and Tim Abel have followed their students’ lead and interests to connect them to both the school and museum, conversations and art making with working artists, and themselves as artists.

Boneyard Arts Festival

After their fourth visit to Krannert Art Museum, students chose an artwork to build off of and create a three-dimensional collage. Each collage was inked up and then used as a base to make several prints. The installation at Common Ground Food Co-op is a grid of collagraph prints and collages that are printed on brightly multicolored paper with black ink. The collages were made with found materials and cardboard using photos of artworks from Krannert Art Museum.

This exhibition is part of the Boneyard Arts Festival, taking place April 12-14 throughout Champaign County.