On View
Jan 25, 2007–Mar 30, 2007

To coincide with Blown Away, the  Intermedia Gallery featured a new work  by Mark Skwarek (with programmers   Joseph Hocking and Arthur Peters)  entitled Children of Arcadia.

This panoramic view into a living-electronic world was realized using technologies from online video games and KAM's CANVAS (Collaborative Advanced Navigation Virtual Art Studio). While the tools used to create this artwork are cutting-edge technology, the visual inspiration is allegorical paintings that were popular during the Baroque period, such as Laurent de La Hyre's Death of the Children of Bethel(1653). The project overlayed downtown Manhattan's financial district with a lush virtual Arcadia. The virtual overlay carved away at the physical space of the financial district leaving behind the New York Stock Exchange, the Federal Hall Memorial building, and the Federal Reserve.


Curator: Damon Baker