On View
Feb 26, 1949–Apr 3, 1949
Architecture Building, 608 East Lorado Taft Drive

Juried art exhibition shown at the Architecture building, prior to the construction of Krannert Art Museum.

Exhibiting Artists include:


David Aronson, Trinity

Darrel Austin, The Sorceress

William Baziotes, Sphynx

Leonard Beck, Memory

Max Bechmann, The Tight Rope Dancer

Rainey Bennett, Pamela and Renée

Claude Bentley, Separated

Eugene Berman, The Wall of Spikes

Louis Bosa, The End of the Festival

Louis Bouché, Fire

Raymond Breinin, Bathers by the Sea

Alexander Brook, Clifford Tallulah Maddox

Copeland C. Burg, Autumn Auto Ride

Paul Burlin, Witness the Whatless

Edward Chavez, Taxidermist’s Window

Serge Chermayeff, Yellow, Plus and Minus

Nicolai Cikovsky, Spring on the Potomac

Fred Conway, Dancer

Jon Corbino, Portrait of a Child

Eldzier Cortor, Southern Souvenir

Russell Cowles, Adam and Eve

Ralston Crawford, Bomber

Salvador Dali, Visage of War

Gladys Rockmore Davis, Storm Coming

Julio de Diego, Trojan Horse

Joseph de Martini, Interior with Three Figures

Boris Deustch, What Atomic War Will Do to You

Lamar Dodd, Objects on Table

Max Ernst, Time and Duration

Philip Evergood, Renunciation

Jerry Farnsworth, Aurelia

Lorser Feitelson, Painting

Clara Ford, "L” Tracks

Karl Fortress, Portrait

Frederick Franck, Lazarus Resurrected

David Fredenthal, Veni, Vidi, Vici

Martin Friedman, The Quarry

Carl Gaertner, Lands End Road

Ruth Gikow, The Golden Canopy

Raphael Gleitsmann, The Ancient Valley

‘Xavier Gonzalez, Escape

William J. Gordon, Crowned Fools

Cleve Gray, London Ruins, Moon Web

William Gropper, Time

Sideny Gross, The Boat

George Grosz, Rainbow Fiend

Louis Guglielmi, Temptation of Saint Anthony

Philip Guston, Sanctuary

John Heliker, Imaginary Landscape

Hopkins Hensel, The Widow

Hans Hofmann, Catalyst

Carl Holty, Le Flambeau

Charles Howard, The First Hypothesis

Lee Jackson, Boardwalk in Moonlight

Martin Jackson, Tintype, Forty-Eight

Morris Kantor, Colored Woman with Goldfish Bowl

Joseph Kaplan, Village Landscape

Bernard Karfiol, Still-Life with Milkweed and Wild Stuff

Lenard Kester, In the Garden

Karl Knaths, Abstract Landscape

Henry Koerner, The Prophet

Richard Koppe, Rotating Wires

Yasuo Kuniyoshi, Rotting on the Shore

Lawrence Kupferman, Surge of the Sea

Bernard Lamotte, Nogent-let-Rotrou

Wesley Lea, The Vine Woman

Rico Lebrun, Mocking Soldier

Julian E. Levi, The Widow

Jack Levine, Reception in Miami

Edmund Lewandowski, Dynamo

Jean Liberte, Sunset, Gloucester

Lopez-Rey, The Storm



Erle Loran, Navajo Desert Camp

Eugene Ludins, Water Front

Dan Lutz, Kalamazoo Cove

S. MacDonald-Wright, Sonata

John Marin, Movement-Sea or Mountain-As You Will

Keith Martin, The Church

Matta, Three Men Crying

Sigmund Menkes, Fruit Bowl with Mirror

Harry Mintz, A Barren Street, Chicago

Hans Moller, Cock Fight

George L. K. Morris, Raft on the Lake

Robert Motherwell, Brown Figure

Walter Murch, The Lock

B. J. O. Nordfeldt, Driftwood, North Pacific

Arthur Osver, Chimneys and Buildings

Rudolph Pen, Follies, Paris

James Penney, Station at Dawn

I. Rice Pereira, Receding Red

Bernard Perlin, The Street

Hobson Pittman, Women in White

Jackson Pollock, Galaxy

Gregorio Prestopino, Railroad Center

Karl Priebe, The Socialite

Charles Rain, Equinox

Abraham Rattner, Temptation of Saint Anthony

Franz Rederer, Portrait of Alban Berg

Priscilla Roberts, Pipe and Bowl

Umberto Romano, Behold... Man

Iver Rose, Pasquale

Felix Ruvolo, The Aggressor

Kay Sage, The Unicorns Came Down to the Sea

Helen Sawyer, Sand and Sea

Rolph Scarlett, Adagio

Lester O. Schwartz, The Tragedian

Zoltan Sepeshy, Where Are the People I Knew

Sueo Serisawa, Father and Child

Ben Shahn, New York

Charles Sheeler, Incantation

Mitchell Siporin, Ghost Harbor

Miron Sokole, Nostalgic Night

Raphael Soyer, Interior with Figure

Eugene Speicher, Tony Robinson

Everett Spruce, The Lost Boat

Maurice Sterne, Summer Shower

Reuben Tam, Edge of Place

Rufino Tamayo, Running Man

Yves Tanguy, Le Malheur Adoucit les Pierres

John W. Taylor, Tin, Sand and Tide

Pavel Tchelitchew, Twilight Head

Hazel Janicki Teyral, Fragment: Two Figures

Julia Thecla, Willow in the Rain

Victor Tischler, Remembrance

Mark Tobey, Tundra

Bradley Walker Tomlin, Arrangement

Nahum Tschacbasov, The Clown

Frede Vidar, A Canal in Brooklyn

Vaclav Vytlacil, Fish Cleaner

Max Weber, Dauntless Bird

Sol Wilson, The Pier

Andrew Wyeth, McVey’s Barn

Jean Xcéron, Multiform

Karl Zerbe, Fortune Seller