Documenting Inequality, installation at Krannert Art Museum, 2015.
On View
Dec 3, 2015–Dec 12, 2015
Lower Level - Classroom Studio B

This exhibition presents the final projects of students in Documenting Inequality, a course that emerged out of the University of Illinois' Campus Conversation on Undergraduate Education initiative to pilot Grand Challenge Learning tracks on the topics of Sustainability, Energy, and the Environment; Health and Wellness; and Social Inequality and Cultural Understanding. 

Taught by Terri Weissman, Associate Professor of Art History in the School of Art + Design, the class specifically examines how documentary and community-based art addresses economic and social inequality among children and young people in the United States. Emphasis is placed on how art can enhance our understanding of lived and historical experiences of inequality beyond the limits of journalistic or scholarly accounts that inform our day-to-day understanding. 

Featured artists:

1. Kira Bolos
We Can’t Breathe, video, 9:39 minutes

2. Jarell Charleston, Giovanni Descorbeth, Alan Lin, Djavon Mayfield, Jake Valentine
The Perspective, video, 14:00 minutes

3. Riley Corboy
Not Your Distraction, video, 10:43 minutes

4. Charles Donegan
My Story: The Underlying Truth, video, 9:39 minutes

5. Maureen Hand, Keeley Martell, Emilee Rietveld
Bullying Uncovered, video, 7:20 minutes

6. Molli Jahns
Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better, video, 9:30 minutes

7. Lauren Jakobsson
The Catch All: Inequality within the LGBT Community, audio recording, 14:50 minutes

8. Jessi Jardine and Charmi Shah
The Defining Challenge of Our Time, video, 8:11 minutes

9. Fabian Jimenez and Michelle Villa
Tattoos: The Limiting Art, video, 9:24 minutes

10. Kaylynn Lam
Untitled, audio recording, 9:19 minutes

11. Kevin Langowski
Mental Disorder, video, 9:46 minutes

12. Nadia Munir and Rakshitha Rajan
Race and Space, video, 9:55 minutes

13. Rachel Pyon
Microaggressions: The Underlying Truth, video, 9:57 minutes

14. Daniel Reyes
Transgender Inequality in the Workforce, audio recording, 14:21 minutes