Latinx Voces: Creaciones

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Three students sit at desks in a middle school classroom. They are making art through a program that celebrates Latina culture.
Students from Urbana Middle School participate in the Latina/x afterschool program. Photo provided, 2022.


On view
Mar 25, 2023 to May 24, 2023
Lower Level, Hood Classroom

Latinx  Voces: Creaciones is co-created by students at Urbana Middle School in partnership with the College of Education. This exhibition represents the second year of a three-year program.


Esta exhibición amplifica las voces de las  jóvenes latina/x a través de la creación conjunta de una exhibición multimodal que representa las variadas culturas, idiomas e historias de las comunidades latinas locales. La exhibición hace esfuerzos intencionales y explícitos para reconocer a las niñas latina/xs y permitir la representación de sus historias, historias, idiomas y culturas de manera humanizadora y empoderadora. Las  jóvenes latina/xs trabajaron juntas para imaginar, diseñar y curar una exhibición que represente y honre sus aspiraciones, esperanzas e historias. A su vez, los visitantes obtendrán oportunidades para construir entendimientos interculturales, relaciones y solidaridad con las niñas latinas. Esta exhibición fue creada en asociación con el Museo de Arte Krannert (KAM) para aumentar la visibilidad de las experiencias de las  jóvenes latina/xs y promover una representación equitativa y auténtica de las comunidades de color en los espacios públicos. Este proyecto fue financiado por una subvención de equidad racial otorgada por la Fundación Spencer.



This exhibit amplifies Latina/x girls’ voices through co-creation of a multimodal exhibit that represents the varied cultures, languages, and histories of local Latinx communities. The exhibit makes intentional and explicit efforts to recognize Latina/x girls and afford representation of their histories, stories, languages, and cultures in humanizing and empowering ways. Latina/x girls worked together to imagine, design, and curate an exhibit that represents and honors their aspirations, hopes, and stories. In turn, visitors will gain opportunities to build cross-cultural understandings, relationships, and solidarity with Latina/x girls. This exhibit was created in partnership with the Krannert Art Museum (KAM) to increase visibility of Latina/x girls’ experiences and promote equitable, authentic representation of Communities of Color in public spaces. This project was funded by a Racial Equity grant awarded by the Spencer Foundation.


Artists’ statement/Declaración de los artistas

Somos un grupo de Latina/xs. Venimos de UMS a compartir nuestras ideas. En nuestra tiempo junta/xs, hablamos de la comunidad, how to open up, cultura, y del presente. We put so much effort into it. Algunas obras incluyen: las uñas, las banderas, mini comidas, pulseras y mucho más. Nos gustaria compartir nuestro arte con ustedes. Gracias por visitar Nuestra Galeria de Latina/x Voces.


Exhibiting artists/Artistas expositoras

Ashley Rebolledo-Hernandez, Brittany Sierra, Darly Chen Maa, Evolet Cruz Hernandez, Gabriela Aguilar, Kasey Rivas Lagos, Leilani Hernandez, Marveya Briones-Rebolledo, Mayra Valencia, Valerie Chavez More, Yuridia Lopez


Reflecting on the "Voces" Experience 

The “Voces” team includes mentors and girls who worked hard over the course of 12 after-school sessions to create a youth-centered museum exhibit. We began with team-building games and activities aimed at getting the group to grow closer and create an enjoyable and safe space for everyone involved. We played games, created a playlist, and drew up community visions to ensure that our space was possible.

Over the span of the program, we gradually introduced the girls to Latina/x artists and tried to encourage connections between their own lives and the art they see and create. We even introduced them to some of our own personal art and various materials to work with in order to build bridges across age, space, and mediums.

After continuously asking them over the course of our meetings what they wanted to learn more about and what they were interested in creating, these artists from Urbana Middle School decided what they wanted to showcase about themselves and their communities in a museum setting. They worked diligently until the very end of our program to produce pieces that brought them joy during and after the design process.

Their progress has made us proud, and we feel very lucky to have been able to witness it.

~ Written by Citlalli Garcia and Janessa Mosqueda


Project Co-leaders

Catherine Dornfeld Tissenbaum, Curriculum and Instruction (Education); Mónica González Ybarra, Curriculum and Instruction (Education); Idalia Nuñez, Curriculum and Instruction (Education)

Coordinator at Krannert Art Museum

Ishita Dharap, Education Coordinator

Funded in part by the Spencer Foundation and the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion through the Call to Action to Address Racism & Social Injustice Research Program


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