CJ Run at Art Remastered 2018. Photo by Jessica Hung. Artwork: Allan de Souza, Navigation Chart, 2017. Digital print on vinyl.
Mermaid Heaven at Art Remastered 2019. Photo by Della Perrone. Artwork: Morris Graves, Guardian, 1952. Oil on canvas mounted on masonite. University of Illinois Purchase through the Festival of Arts Purchase Fund. 1955-8-1
Zzo at Art Remastered 2019. Photo by Della Perrone. Artwork: Nancy Hild, It's Getting Too Crowded in Here, 1989. Charcoal on paper. Gift of the estate of the artist. 2018-14-2
Cole Bridges at Art Remastered 2017. Photo by Veronica Mullen. Artwork: Bea Nettles, Imaginary Prairie, 1969. Etching on muslin. Gift of the artist. 2017-20-1
Ausar at Art Remastered 2019. Photo by Della Perrone. Artwork: Cornelis Cornelisz van Haarlem, The Choice Between Young and Old, 17th century. Oil on canvas. Gift of Louis Moss. 1961-15-1

Featured musicians ­Zzo, Cole Bridges, CJ Run, Mermaid Heaven, and Ausar all have ties to Urbana-Champaign and participated in previous Art Remastered events in 2017, 2018, and 2019 at KAM. In those programs, each performer creates an original song inspired by an artwork of their choice and performs it in front of visitors in the galleries.

Now these five musicians are revisiting their original songs and sharing a performance from home in a weekly video performance series sponsored by the museum.

“To extend the experience further, we’ve invited each performer to create a Spotify playlist of songs in conversation with the work of art that inspired them,” said Kamila Glowacki, organizer of the event.

Glowacki is known to the DIY music scene as the vocalist and guitarist for the band Nectar and is a member of KAM’s art education team.

“With this video series, we hope audiences engage with the artwork at KAM through the fresh perspective of musicians connected to Urbana-Champaign.,” she said.

Art Remastered from Home performances and playlists will be premiered via the Krannert Art Museum website and the KAM Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube channels starting at 11am every Thursday from April 30 through May 28.

“The Art Remastered events have been innovative programming for museums, and this brings it to another level,” said Museum Director Jon Seydl. “We’re all missing those in-person experiences right now, so it’s really valuable that Kamila has worked to bring the worlds of the museum and the live music scene together this way.”



Art Remastered from Home is co-sponsored by the College of Fine and Applied Arts, School of Music at Illinois, Smile Politely, 40 North / 88 West, Visit Champaign County, WEFT 90.1 FM, WILL – Illinois Public Media, and Krannert Art Museum