Director's Circle Members

$1,000 and above

James and Ruth Anderson

George Batzli

Richard and Jayne Burkhardt

Sandra Casserly

Adelaide Aime and David Cahill

Peter Cohen and Jeff Sposato

Stacy Economy

Michael and Beverly Friese

Fred and Donna Giertz

Liza Goldwasser

Terry and Sharon Harkness

Jane Trishman Heaton

Peter and Joan Hood

Timothy and Roberta Killeen

Wayne LaFave

Len Lewicki

Jon and Judith Liebman

Daniel McLean and Jon L. Seydl

Bruce and Theresa Michelson

Nancy Morse

Walter and Jane Myers

The Anthony Petullo Foundation

M. Alice Pfeffer

Gary and Fraeda Porton

Gloria Rainer

The Robesson Family Fund

Cecile Steinberg

Robert and Bonnie Switzer

Ed and Nancy Tepper

Joy Crane Thornton

Ed and Sharon Williams

Annual Members


Amani Ayad

Alessandro and Erica Bellina

John and Kathleen Bennett

Roy and Ann Campbell

Harold and Nancy Diamond

George Gollin and Melanie Loots

Margaret Hansell

Ronald Harshman

Elizabeth Jones

Julia Kling

Marilyn Lindholm

Melissa McKillip

Thomas and Martha Moore

Julia O'Neill

John and Jane Santogrossi

George and Barbara Trees

Annette Turow

Charles and Sarah Wisseman


Richard and Carol Arnould

Richard Allen Avner

Whitson and Cathy Daily

Kathleen Harleman

Richard and Gloria Helfrich

Lee and Edit Holloway

Richard Howard

Nancy Johnson

Stephen Kaufman and Viktoria Ford

Douglas and Josephine Kibbee

Abraham and Elizabeth Kocheril

Jeffrey and Patricia Maysent

Alan Mette

Stephen Mey and Janet Laws

Rudolph and Armine Mortimer

Dann and Brenda Nardi

Julia Nucci Kelly and Ryan Smith

Randy and Sheila Ott

David and Jean Peters

Terrence Phelan and Nancy Fuchs

Gene and Julia Robinson

Christopher Schaede

Harriett Shapland

David and Jan Sholem

David and Kathleen Smith

Charles Smyth and Audrey Ishii

Prudence Spodek

Edie Stotler

Marie Tompkins

Ralph and Carolyn Trimble

Kathleen Weibel

Michael and Michelle Wellens

Roger Clark and Gaye Wong

Jerald Wray and Dirk Mol

Dual Memberships

Carl and Nadja Altstetter

Marc and Fran Ansel

Mikael Backlund and Caroline Gaffrig

David and Beth Chasco

Nancy Creason

Gien Davies and Sandra Wolf

Norman Denzin and Katherine Ryan

Dale and Marny Elliott

Robert and Mary Ann Espeseth

Seth Fein and Justine Bursoni Fein

Thelma Fite

Richard Furr

Mary Gaddy

Alan and Clare Haussermann

Thomas and Mary Hodson

Bran Houston and Rhonda Fallon

Norma Howard

Reed Larson and Sharon Irish

Karen Kanady Miller

Frank and Patricia Knowles

Beverly Koca

Kathryn Koca Polite and Brandon Polite

Edward and Antje Kolodziej

Paul Kruty and Jane Block

Rick Langlois and Ana Repetto-Langlois

Don Llewellyn and Carol Narcross

Walter and Marguerite Maguire

Gary and Leslie Mason

Pamela Moriearty

Dan Noel and Robin Allen

Ed Perry and Marty Sierra Perry

Anne Robin

Diane Schumacher

Brian and Danielle Short

Vaidas and Birute Simaitis

Vivian Strokes

Philip Strang and Mary Welle

Michael and Judith Thompson

Michael and Pamela Van Blaricum

Maureen Warren and Allison Hansen

Richard Wheeler and Pat Gill

Peter and Rittchell Yau

Individual Memberships

Sally Anderson

Suzanne Bell

Brenda Berg

Jane Brockway

Bernard Cesarone

Barbara Curtis

Sandra Cuza

Mary Kay Dailey

Deborah Day

Karen Devine

Debra Eichelberger

Ann Einhorn

Edie Erdman

Elizabeth Felts Olmsted

Susan Feuille

Linda Fisher

Brendan Foley

Barbara Ford

Michael Fuerest

Dorothy Gemberling

Amy Gonzalez

Aaron Goodman

Kimiko Gunji

Jean Hagen

Patrick Harness

David Hays

Jack Heller

Cynthia Helms

Kay Hodson

Brice Hutchcraft

Sandra Hynds

Janice Impey

Suzanne Irwin-Wells

David Jahn

Janet Kalmar

Deborah Katz-Downie

Wynne Korr

Sheila Krein

Mary Beth Kurasek

Mary Liay

Paul Lubinski

Joyce Mast

Melissa Merli

Anna Merritt

Richard Mohr

Nancy Mosier

Carol Muster Rick Orr

Aiko Perry

Anne B. Phillips

Mrs. Rinehart

Anna Sapoznik

Barbara Schaede

Karl Schoeps-Jensen

Marie Slattery

Robin Smith

Cheryl Snyder

Avery Stone

Edward Sullivan

Ella Van Wyk

Janann Vance

Ian Wang

Sharon Wenda

Sharon West

Christina Whippo

Ava Wolf

Margaret Wolf

Ruth Yontz

Connie Zarick

Helen Zhang

Corporate and Foundation Partners

Ambassade De France

Association of Print Scholars

Champaign Unit 4 Schools

College of Fine and Applied Arts

Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Country Arbors Nursery

European Union Center at Illinois

F & S Revolving Loan Fund

Frances P. Rohlen Visiting Artists Fund/College of Fine and Applied Arts

Furthermore; a program of the J.M. Kaplan Fund

Getty Foundation

The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation

Helen Frakenthaler Foundation

Henry Luce Foundation

Historians of Netherlandish Art

Institute of Museum and Library Services

Illinois Arts Council Agency

Japan House at Illinois

John N. Chester Estate Fund

Krannert Art Museum Council

National Endowment for the Arts

National Endowment for the Humanities

Office of the Chancellor

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation

Presidential Initiative to Celebrate the Impact of Arts & Humanities, University of Illinois System

Rantoul Township High School

Samuel H. Kress Foundation

School of Art + Design Visitors Committee

Student Cultural Programming Committee

Student Sustainability Committee

Terra Foundation for American Art

Urbana School District 116

Warnock Publication Fund


Current as of June 1, 2022