Collection Coloring Activity #3

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Downloadable coloring activity based on the painting Catatonk Pond by James P. Butler. Artist: Kamila Glowacki

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Colorful painting of a lake and trees. It is created with dashes and dabs of paint in a style that gives the impression of the way light and shadow and reflections work with one another.
James P. Bulter, Catatonk Pond, 1917. Oil on canvas. Gift of Richard Faletti, Faletti Family Collection, 2004-5-1
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Explore the painting Catatonk Pond by James P. Butler and create your own version using the downloadable coloring page.

First, let’s take a look at the painting by clicking the arrow at the top of this page. 

What do you see? Name the colors. Does this look like a real place? 

The artist James Butler made this painting over 100 years ago when he visited a pond in New York.

Some of the colors you see in this painting may seem bright or imaginative. Why do you think he used these colors? How do you think he was feeling?

The artist used his paintbrush to create lines in the painting that show hills, plants, clouds, and water.

Imagine your finger is an imaginary paintbrush. As we explore different parts of the painting, move your finger to make the lines. 

  • Swirly lines for the clouds
  • Short and spiky lines for the trees
  • Long and wavy lines for the hills
  • Twisty zigzags for the pond

Now, it is your turn to create with exciting colors.

Use the coloring page or make your own painting of the colorful world you see outside.