Grad Student Appreciation Week 2020: Family Art Show

GSAW Art Show Revised.png

Graduate Student Appreciation Week 2020 | Family Art Show


Drawing of a girl standing at a table asking 'what is this equation mom?' The mother figure answers with a long equation and the daughter replies 'wow'. Both figures are smiling. The Mom has a block I on her shirt.
Ameya Rupesh (2nd Grade), "Mom Superpower - Helping Me With Homework," 2020.


Hand colored drawing of two super heroes with cute animal sidekicks and the words "We Super Appreciate our Super Grads."
Liam (Pre-school), "We Super Appreciate Our Super Grads," 2020. Watercolor on paper.


Image of a superhero coloring page colored in colorfully by a 2 year old.
Easton (2 years), "Me and Uncle Travis," 2020.

Megan ski[10498].jpg

framed painting of a girl on skis in a snowy landscape
Shirley (retired), "Climb Every Mountain," 2020.

Nic Morse.png

digital illustration of a male superhero with cape and eye mask flexing muscles as he levitates in space. "Graduate Students to the Rescue" is typed at the bottom of the image.
Nic (27 years old), "Grad Students to the Rescue," 2020.

Aaron Winston.jpg

pencil drawing of a male superhero with a blue cape and red light saber sword
Aaron (12 years old), "Grad Student Hero!," 2020.


Abstract painting with a bluecircle on the lower left, speckles of many colors throughout, and long, jagged green lines intertwined with red tips moving from the center to the lower right. Background of the image is white.
Jodi, "Microbe World," 2020.


digital illustration of a female superhero with dark hair and a ponytail. She is holding a flask and test tube and wearing a lab coat. Books are scattered on the grass at her feet.
Cindy (6th grade), "Super Hero Sister," 2020.


abstract watercolor with spattered paint of many colors, created by a child just shy of 2 years old
Vincent (22 months), "Untitled," 2020.

Megan superhero painting[10497].jpg

framed painting of an amazon warrior with dark hair, armor, and a sword
Shirley (retired), "My Superhero," 2020.
Student Engagement

The Graduate College and Krannert Art Museum have teamed up on a little project for Graduate Student Appreciation Week: a family art show.

We know that our graduate students at the University of Illinois are incredible. They can solve complex problems faster than a supercomputer. They can leap multiple projects in a single bound. And their creativity is a marvel to behold. To us, and to their families, grad students are superheroes!

So, we invited family members of current graduate students to create superhero-themed art to celebrate the grad student in their lives. They honored graduate students from Molecular and Cellular Biology, Educational Policy and Leadership, the Gies Business iMBA and MBA programs, Nutritional Sciences, and Technical Systems Management. We join them as we honor all graduate students from every program across the University of Illinois.

KAM hopes that our graduate students feel celebrated during this year's Graduate Student Appreciation Week. We're very proud of this collaboration with the Graduate College at Illinois.