Gabriel Delgado, Design for prosthetic limb: Psyonic Bionic Hand and App. See project at Courtesy of the designer.
Gabriel Delgado, Color study for Axis Fridge design. See project at Courtesy of the designer.
Gabriel Delgado, 2020. Courtesy of the designer.
Artist Profile

Gabriel Delgado | Industrial Design

Design Statement

Making an idea come to life is something that has always sparked pure joy in me and has always driven me as a designer.

Thoughtfully created products not only make people’s lives better but have the power to do this by making them feel; this ability to orchestrate human emotion is what makes design so profound and powerful to me.

When creating, I don’t separate form and function, but believe they have the same purpose in developing an honest and valuable experience. I make sure to consider the entire product lifetime experience around the consumer, all the way down to the fine details of touch, feel, and finish that attract the senses.

I feel like this how design comes to life and has the greatest impact on not only their day to day experience, but their lifestyle at large.


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