Fictions and Frictions: The Politics and Power of Narrative

Mar 2, 2019 - 9 am – 5 pm
School of Art + Design, Room 316

Graduate Students in Art History invite all to a full day of events during the symposium "Fictions and Frictions: The Politics and Power of Narrative."

This symposium will focus on narrative edges in order to develop a more nuanced understanding of the way that visual and performative fictions function politically. Presentations will not be defined by any fixed period or geographic region but by several research questions:
In what cases and for whom are the politics of narrative and counter-narrative emancipatory (and/or oppressive)?
How do narrative and performative fictions intervene in politics, disrupting and/or maintaining the status quo?
How have artists, activists, and scholars tactically used “fictions” and “narratives” to create interventions?
Following Rancière, how can we distinguish between fiction and falsity?
Do fictions still have power to challenge us to imagine and enact alternative possibilities and experiences?
What other modes might enable such alternatives?

For a full conference schedule and more information, please visit the symposium website.


Sponsored in part by the Society for Art History and Archeology