Human Rites Trio includes Ken Filiano on bass, Jason Kao Hwang (composer/violin/viola), and drummer Andrew Drury.
Mar 04, 2023 - 1
Lower Level, Auditorium (KAM 62)

Visiting Illinois as an Improvisers Exchange artist-in-residence, Jason Kao Hwang’s (composer/violin/viola) music explores the vibrations and language of his history.

In Human Rites Trio, longtime bandmates Ken Filiano (bass) and Andrew Drury (drums) embark upon extemporaneous, transformational sonic journeys stemming from the narrative landscapes of Jason’s compositions.

The Sudden Sound Concert Series presents leading performers in avant-garde jazz and improvised music. It is organized by Jason Finkelman, director of Global Arts Performance Initiatives at Illinois. Co-sponsored by Center for Advanced Study, Humanities Research Institute, Krannert Art Museum, Unit One/Allen Hall, and School of Music.

Jason Kao Hwang provides further insight,

Each composition is a progression of gestures, songs, movements and locations that bring participants into a state of discovery and compassion.

Within these Human Rites, individual voices are empowered to be fully expressive so that each moment is unpredictable and deeply intentional. 

This psychic intensity, both sacred and sacrificial, provokes a heightened awareness that unifies Listeners and Musicians within a spiritual entrainment.

As we hear ourselves within music we become Music, which is no longer a performance but an affirmation of justice and celebration of life.”


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Improvisers Exchange | More Events with Jason Kao Hwang

Improviser Exchange residency programs with Jason Kao Hwang include:


Wed, March 1

7-9p     Electric Strings - Studio Class, Fishbowl, School of Music.


Thu, March 2

4-5p     Jason Kao Hwang and Jason Finkelman in Conversation. Spurlock Museum.


Jason Kao Hwang and curator Jason Finkelman discuss representations of Asian-American identity and social justice in avant-garde jazz, music improvisation and new music composition. The conversation will include Hwang’s composition "Occupation of Silence", artistic approaches in addressing Anti-Asian hate, and reflection on the Nikkeijin Illinois exhibition at Spurlock Museum.


7:30p   Performance: Jason Kao Hwang and Jason Finkelman. Allen Hall.


Fri, March 3

3p      Improvisers Exchange Workshop with Jason Kao Hwang.

Orchestra Rehearsal Room, Krannert Center for the Performing Arts


All events are open to the public, and admission is free.