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Indian Boy Project by Melanie Yazzie


Melanie Yazzie, Indian Boy Project, 1996. Ink on paper. Gift of James Treat. 2017-13-4.
Melanie Yazzie, Indian Boy Project, 1996. Screenprint. Gift of James Treat. 2017-13-4.


On view
Oct 5, 2018 to Nov 1, 2018
Lower Level, Lobby

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Here the Navajo (Diné) artist Yazzie combines elements of Native imagery: an elementary school art lesson, a cartoon, photographs, and a tourist map of Arizona, which includes the Navajo reservation town of Ganado, where the artist was raised.

How do we depict Native American history in a way that accounts for diverse ways of knowing?

What Native imagery speaks in meaningful ways today?

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Selected by Anne Sautman and Jon Seydl

Melanie Yazzie (United States, born 1966)
Indian Boy Project, 1996

Gift of James Treat 2017-13-4

A round black pillow with white lettering like you'd see on a sorority sweatshirt that says "Protect Black Spaces". The outside of the pillow is wreathed in flowers and leaves. it hangs on a white wall.
  1. Sep 24, 2022 to Dec 10, 2022