Call for Art

Seventeenth-century Dutch printmakers used trolling strategies long before the invention of the internet; they hid damaging information, told outright lies, and made fun of important people using their freedom of artistic expression. At that time, the Dutch government had little power to censor the media or stop these images from reaching larger audiences. Printmakers used the lack of censorship to their advantage as you will see in the exhibition Fake News & Lying Pictures: Political Prints In The Dutch Republic.

Cartoonists, comedians, and other artists continue to use images and text to remember historical events, talk back to people in power, and bring people together.

We invite you to create and submit artwork to be featured in a zine for the exhibition, Fake News & Lying Pictures: Political Prints In The Dutch Republic.

A zine, (short for “magazine”), is a booklet that can be any size or number of pages, and it can be about anything you want! A zine is usually photocopied so that there are multiple copies, which makes them easy to share.


Submission Details

The final zine will exist digitally (full-color) as well as in printed form (black and white). The printed zine will be limited to 48 pages, and it will be free to take and share in the exhibition and beyond.

Your artwork could take the form of a meme, poem, collage, drawing, text, cartoon, photo, or anything else that can be printed onto a piece of paper!

The zine will focus on these questions:

  • What would you say to someone who has power?
  • If your artwork could inspire action, what would it be?
  • What do you want to bring attention to?


  • Use familiar images from pop culture to make funny connections and comment on current times (memes, political cartoons, etc)
  • Use animals to show human characteristics ( like a cunning wolf as a politician!)
  • Uplift your heroes! Create a portrait of someone that deserves the attention, and/or write a poem about them.



8.5 x 11” format (standard copy paper size)

Make sure it’s a high quality image (not blurry, text is clear, etc.)



How To Submit

Fill out the submission form by July 1, 2022: Fake News Artwork Submission Form

Please note that a portion of the form must be filled out by a parent or guardian.



Submissions are due July 1st, 2022.

The final zine will become publicly available when Fake News & Lying Pictures: Political Prints in the Dutch Republic opens on August 25 at Krannert Art Museum.


Please email Education Coordinator Kamila Glowacki with any questions.