Collection Coloring Activity #4


line drawing of paintings and sculptures with Krannert Art Museum written in all caps. The drawing is black lines on white paper, designed to be colored in by the user.
Downloadable coloring activity with art from the collection. Artist: Kamila Glowacki (2018)
Teacher Resource

KAM is supporting creativity and wellness. Enjoy this downloadable coloring activity with art from the collection.

This coloring activity includes a floral still life by Anna Ruysch, an ancient Greek vase, a plate by French artist Bernard Palissy, an ocelot effigy vase from KAM's ancient Andean collection, a Bush Buffalo Mask from Encounters: the Arts of Africa, a 1906 Newcomb pottery vase decorated by Leona Nicholson, The Blue Gable by Gabriele Münter, and the 17th c. Dutch painting "The Choice Between Young and Old."