Krannert Art Museum Week at the Museum students from South Side Elementary talk about art in the Gelvin Noel Gallery, 2017.
KAM–WAM student artwork inspired by the Coveting Nature exhibition is on display in the Joan & Peter Hood Classroom, 2017.
KAM–WAM students from Southside Elementary perform music for parents in the Gelvin Noel Gallery, 2017.


What happens during a KAM–BAM?

A KAM–BAM is a day-long field trip to the museum lasting from 9 am–1:15 pm.

During a KAM–BAM, students are divided into themed groups. The current BAM themes are:

  • Art Mystery
  • Art Remix
  • Art is Everywhere
  • Time Travel
  • Artist Workshop
  • Creatures

Throughout the day, students engage with artworks that relate to their theme. At each stop, the students engage with artworks by looking closely, constructing their own meaning, learning about the culture from which it came, and creatively responding to it.


What happens during a KAM–WAM?

A KAM–WAM is a week-long field trip to the museum (Monday through Friday, approximately lasting from 9 am–1:15 pm). Each KAM–WAM week is unique and is co-developed and co-taught by a team of school teachers and KAM educators.

Much of the planning for the week is done during an all-day workshop. Teachers are excused from school and spend the day at the museum collaborating with the museum educators to develop projects inspired by the artwork.

Generally, students are divided into groups of 12 to 15 students. Throughout each day, students learn across curriculum as they rotate through lessons focused on visual art, music, writing, and other subjects. Some lessons are shorter lessons (similar to 30-minute BAM lessons) while other lessons continue over the week and build from day-to-day.

KAM–WAM weeks end with a special reception to provide an opportunity for families and friends to see the work the students’ created during the week and for the students to share what they've learned during their time at KAM.


How can my students participate in a KAM–WAM or KAM–BAM program?

KAM has developed important partnerships with Champaign Unit 4 and Urbana School District 116. This makes it possible to offer KAM-WAM programs to public school students in these districts. Because of the popularity of these programs and the time it takes to run them, the calendar of programs is set one year in advance.

We require new schools to start at the KAM–BAM (one-day) level. Furthermore, if a returning school has several new members on their teacher team, we may also suggest partnering at the KAM–BAM level.

Please know that every effort is made to accommodate all interested schools in at least the KAM–BAM level, if applications are completed during the enrollment period.


What if I miss the application deadline or I am not from a Champaign-Urbana public school?

If you would still like to bring your students to KAM this year, or if you teach in a school outside of Champaign-Urbana public schools, we will work with you to provide experiences similar to our KAM–BAM program during an extended, docent-led tour. Please visit the Field Trips page for more information.


What grades can participate in KAM–WAM and KAM–BAM programs?

Students in grades 3 through 5 may participate. It is recommended that third graders participate during the spring semester.


How many students can participate at a time?

Two classrooms (max 50 students) typically participate in a KAM–WAM or KAM–BAM program at a time.

If your school has three or more classrooms that would like to participate there are a few ways the museum can work with your group.

KAM–BAM schools with three or more classrooms:

You will have two KAM–BAM days (2 classrooms come one day; the other 1-2 classrooms will come the other day).

KAM–WAM with three classrooms:

3 Classroom KAM–WAM: All three classrooms attend the same week-long program with a maximum of 75 students attending. For this scenario, we ask for a minimum of 7 teachers to plan on attending. We are only capable of offering this option to two KAM–WAM groups.

KAM–WAM School Partnership: Two classrooms attend one KAM–WAM. The third classroom will partner with another school for an additional KAM–WAM. We will help find and facilitate a partnership between schools if this option is available.


How many teachers participate in these programs?

A minimum of 5 teachers participate in each KAM–WAM and KAM–BAM program. The school team typically consists of:

  • 2 classroom teachers
  • 2 art teachers (often visual art and music)
  • 1 additional teacher (for example, special education, enrichment or an instructional coach)

For schools who have 3 classrooms participating in a KAM–WAM at the same time, a team of 7 teachers are required. In addition to the teachers listed above, there would be:

  • 1 more classroom teacher
  • 1 more teacher (for example, drama, physical education, enrichment)


What are teachers saying about KAM–WAM and KAM–BAM programs?

"Our students enjoyed every moment. I think they loved having different teachers/ sessions throughout the day, as well as learning about art in such a hands-on, meaningful way. Our students look forward to this week for years. That they are invited to come for a whole week helps them to become a part of the museum. They truly feel that they belong there."

"I feel that this is the ideal way of teaching…Students show incredible creativity and problem solving while at the museum. I feel that I am best able to facilitate that thinking with the opportunities that I am also offered at KAM."