Workshop presenter, Rusty Clevenger, Visual Arts Teacher at Dr. Williams and Wiley Elementary, Urbana. Photo by Kelly White, 2015.

Join us on a fearless journey to explore how aesthetics and perspectives in Fine Arts can enhance your development, teaching, and ciritical thinking within an educational framework.

This workshop will focus on the use of reflection to acquire knowledge from non-textual sources and the ability to percieve, interpret, and evaluate complex ideas in a variety of artifacts and varied forms of human expression. 

Participants will be given an introduction to aesthetic theory, while the group explores art in Krannert Art Museum's special exhibitions and permanent collection. We will critique visual artifacts by using Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS), an inquiry-based approach that relies heavily on questioning, analyzing, and problem solving. VTS can be a powerful tool to use across content areas to promote higher order thinking skills. 

Time will be spent sharing and listening to reflections from participants on their art exploration experience, learning how to create an experience like this for students, and processing the tie-in to standards across the curriculum.

Facilitated by: Rusty Clevenger, Visual Arts Teacher at Dr. Williams and Wiley Elementary Schools, Urbana