Photo by Jarvis Kim. Courtesy of Japan House.
Sep 28, 2023 - 6–7:30pm
Lower Level, Hood Classroom

Celebrate the artistry of the calligraphy students of Shozo Sato as they show their work in the Hood Classroom. This is a companion exhibition to The Ink Wash Paintings of Shozo Sato in the Contemporary Gallery.

Supported by Joyce Chelberg with additional support by Michaels' Catering.

Exhibiting artists include: Honoka Adachi, Sumie Burten, Zenshin Florence Caplow, Lee Gurga, Susan Herren, Satomi Kamei, Marc-Anthony Macon, Deana McDonagh, Angelica Sibrian, Lindsey L. Stirek, and Aleksander Tecza.  

The opening reception will feature an hors d'oeuvres reception by Michaels' Catering, followed by brief remarks, and concluding with an interactive live performance of music by Joy Yang and painting by Satomi Kamei. All are welcome.

About Satomi Kamei

Satomi Kamei's first experience of shodo was when she attended a neighbor, Fuji Kondou sensei’s class when she was only 7 years old in Hiroshima, Japan. When she was a University student, she took a calligraphy specialist course alongside major study of Japanese literature, then graduated with a teaching license in Japanese and calligraphy for junior and high school students. 

After she came to the U.S., she had several opportunities to instruct shodo at Mobile Museum of Art in Alabama, local arts communities, and at Anderson Japanese Garden in Illinois. She graduated in studio art and started teaching watercolor painting and sumi-e as well. Currently, she has the honor of working with Professor Shozo Sato. 

About Joy Yang

Joy Yang ___ 杨洋 is a dynamic pianist and thereminist anchored in classical music, now focusing on jazz, free improvisation, and interdisciplinary performance. She is a performer-composer and educator. Dr. Yang leads her own jazz trio, and collaborates with international visual artists, video projection mappers, sound designers, dancers, choreographers, scientists, engineers and poets. Joy improvises telematically with the Ethernet Orchestra and Female Laptop Orchestra. Born in South Africa to Chinese parents, Joy spent most of her life in Sydney, Australia before moving to the USA to pursue her graduate studies. She is a native bilingual speaker in English and Mandarin, and fluent in Wenzhounese. Joy has a Doctor of Musical Arts in Jazz Performance (Piano Performance and Literature cognate) from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her first CD release was with Kuroshio in 2020, under Asian Improv Records.  

A third culture kid existing in liminal spaces, Joy continually broadens her musical voice and has released and performed in various styles as a pianist, thereminist, singer, rapper, song-writer and/or producer. These include: Briar Schlenker Trio (Free Improv/Noise), Valkyrie Trio (Women in Jazz), Almost A (Jazz/Gypsy/New music), UIUC Hip-Hop Collective (Hip-Hop), Boxout (Pop), Lifetime Member (EDM), Media Light Array (Grindcore/Noise), JA$$ (EDM Improv), Avant-Gardians (Free Jazz),  ViolaMPFREE (Interdisciplinary Improv), and The Interdisciples (Interdisciplinary Improv). Yang has received numerous performance-composition commissions, conference presentations and awards, including collaborations with: Jason Finkelman, Amy Hassinger, Cynthia Oliver, Jennifer Monson, Rudolf Haken, David Rosenboom and others. Joy seeks to inspire global community through full expression of the evolving self in sound and interdisciplinary performance.