Photo by Jarvis Kim. Courtesy of Japan House.
On View
Sep 28, 2023–Oct 14, 2023
Lower level, Hood Classroom

Kanji calligraphy is a Japanese art form that uses Han letterforms from Chinese script to create works that evoke harmony and wisdom. 

This system of writing has been used in China, Korea, Japan, and in parts of Southeast Asia without historically substantial Chinese influence.

The writing of Kanji is said to communicate one's inner thoughts, personality, and state of being at the time the piece is executed.

Supported by Joyce Chelberg. Co-organized by Japan House at Illinois.

The exhibition will feature artwork by students studying under the direction of Shozo Sato, including Honoka Adachi, Sumie Burten, Zhenshin Florence Caplow, Lee Gurga, Susan Herren, Satomi Kamei, Marc-Anthony Macon, Deana McDonagh, Angelica Sibrian, Lindsey L. Stirek, and Aleksander Tecza.