KAM Downloads: Gallery Backgrounds for Zoom


Gallery view of Encounters the Arts of Africa at KAM, featuring fabric panels with arabic script in bright colors by Yelimane Fall (right) and an earth-toned painting by Wosene Worke Kosrof.(left)
Custom teleconferencing background from Encounters the Arts of Africa at KAM, featuring works of contemporary art by Yelimane Fall and Wosene Worke Kosrof.


Gallery of European art with a white case with small objects on the left side and a wall with eighteenth and nineteenth century paintings in front of you. The colors in the paintings are rich, with ornate gold frames, and walls are deep burgundy color.
Custom teleconferencing background of Trees Gallery at Krannert Art Museum, 2020.

Customize your profile with a background from Krannert Art Museum.


Follow the links below to use these backgrounds with Zoom and Google meeting platforms.

Installing Virtual Backgrounds on Zoom

Upload Custom Wallpaper to G Suite Meeting Rooms


Tips to make it work

  • Be sure you have enough light on your face. The less the webcam has to adjust the light balance, the better you'll look. 
  • Try to frame your face with an uncluttered background.
  • Dark or bright colors in the background are easiest for the software to replace with the background image, sort of like a green screen.
  • Be sure to wear a different color shirt than your environment. (A blue shirt plus a blue wall behind you makes it hard on the webcam.)
  • Experiment and have fun!