Let's Talk About Impressionism 2


Painting of a girl in a gauzy dressing gown putting on earrings. She sits at a table with flowers as light filters through the light curtains behind her. The painting is all in pastels, conveying the lightness of the room.
Frederick Carl Frieseke, Girl with Earrings, 1917. Oil on canvas. University of Illinois purchase. 1928-5-1
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Guiding questions:

  • Let’s explore the painting and tell the story of what is going on in it.
  • Take a look at the women in the image. She is sitting in front of a mirror, looking at her reflection. There are beams of pale morning light shining through the window behind her.
    • What time of day do you think it is?
    •  What do you do when you get ready in the morning?
    • What is the woman doing in the painting?
    • What do you think she is getting ready for? Why?