Let's Talk About Impressionism 3

Wiggins Hi Res.jpg

New York Wall Street with heavy snow. Pedestrians silhouettes walking between the buildings, with dime lights shining through the windows.
Guy Carelton Wiggins, Wall Street, New York, 1930. Oil on Canvas, 1943-1-5


The picture was taken from the front side of the New York Stock exchange building. The building is white and decorated with columns and arched doors.
New York Stock Exchange. Photo Credit to Henrik Jagels.


This image shows the Trinity church in New York. The tower is designed in a Gothic Revival style.
Trinity Church. Photo Credit to Wikimedia Commons.


This is a picture of the New York Federal Hall building. The building has white columns. There is the statue of George Washington in front of it.
Federal Hall building, New York City (undated)
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Guiding questions:

  • Let’s try and describe the weather. How does the weather affect the mood of the scene?
  • How would you describe the style of this painting?
    • It is a busy city with tall buildings and heavy snow. We can see people and cars moving on the street. Heavy snow is falling from the sky and covering the building and people in the painting. The artist used different shades of grey and white to show the cold weather. The brushstrokes are blurry, and the colors are dark with bits of warm yellow from the windows. We can’t really see the details of the painting very well.
  • Where is this painted?
    • The site is Wall Street in New York. You can still see these buildings when you visit New York City. They are important historic buildings in New York.