Krannert Art Museum Council Board (October 2022)
Jane Myers and Brice Hutchcraft visit with one another while attending the KAM Council Garden Party, 2019. Photo by Julia Nucci Kelly
Nancy Johnson and Carolyn Ottmers enjoy the KAM Council Garden Party, 2019. Photo by Julia Nucci Kelly

Council members work closely with others who share an interest in art, and they expand the museum's outreach to the community. 

See how KAM Council can magnify your KAM experiences! The Council provides opportunities to Be involved, Be Inspired, Be Informed and Be Indulged: 

Volunteer in the Gelvin Gardens
Be a part of a KAMC team that maintains the Gelvin Gardens, which director Jon Seydl calls "the first gallery of the museum", while forming bonds with others who enjoy gardening.

To support the ongoing care and maintenance of the gardens, a Krannert Art Museum Council Garden Quasi-Endowment Fund has been established. Anyone can give online via our Contribute page.

Make New Friends at KAMC Mixers
Meet in a member’s home to exchange personal interests in art, often connected to an exhibition at KAM, while enjoying refreshments, getting to know other members, and building friendships.

Join in Art Conversations
Meet in a member’s home for a presentation, usually connected to a KAM exhibition, by a person knowledgeable about art, and for wine, food, and time to socialize with other members.

Share Your Thoughts at Noon Art Sparks at KAM
Hear at least two art enthusiasts exchange ideas about a work of art shown at KAM. Your responses, sparked though their dialogue, can be shared with others as you eat your lunch in the Link Gallery.

Gather at KAMC Luncheons
Come to our Spring and Fall luncheons while you gather with fellow art enthusiasts and supporters of the museum at artfully decorated tables to learn something new about art at the University of Illinois and in the community.

Enjoy the Elegant Acquired Taste Celebration
Attend the museum's new gala fundraiser where you can not only enjoy lavish wine, food, and music but also cast votes for works of art to be added to the museum collection.


To Become A KAM Council Member

Becoming a Council member is easy.

First, if you're not already, become a museum member.

Then, send your Council dues ($50 annually) with your name, address, and contact information (phone/email) to: 

KAM Council
c/o Krannert Art Museum
500 E. Peabody Drive
Champaign, IL 61820

If you have any questions or would like more information, please feel free to email the council.

Krannert Art Museum Council Officers

Board | 2022-2023

Sharon Williams

Vice President
Kim Wurl

Cecile Steinberg

Recording Secretary
Melissa Merli

Corresponding Secretary 
Diane Schumacher

Museum Council Liaison
Jon Seydl


Committee Chairs | 2022-2023

Acquired Taste Celebration
Kim Wurl

Marguerite Maguire

Art Conversations
Sharon Williams

Art Sparks
Melissa Merli

Mary Kay Dailey, Cecile Steinberg

Sharon Williams

Brice Hutchcraft

Garden Endowment
Brenda Nardi

Gelvin Gardens
Gloria Rainer

Debbie Eichelberger, Nancy Johnson

Karen Devine

Sharon Williams

Public Relations
John Bennett

Unsung Hero
Donna Giertz


Acquired Taste Celebration

Committee Members
Debbie Eichelberger
Lori Hunt
Mary Beth Kurasek
Chris Schaede